ECA President Hal Halpin on Dennis McCauley

While we were sad to hear that Dennis had chosen to move on, we are grateful for the partnership that was built and the talents which he brought to the organization. In a relatively brief period of time, GamePolitics has become an important resource for the gaming community – and educational tool for disseminating information and keeping gamers aware, and a valuable and timely news publication and blog.

Careful not to step on the toes of our endemic media partners and managing the balance between Church and State – regarding editorial independence – were challenges that Dennis took on with skill and ease. From breaking the ‘Hot Coffee’ scandal, to regular and persistent issues related to Jack Thompson, Dennis was a talented journalist and his contributions to the publication and to the association will be missed.

On behalf of the ECA members and GP readers alike, our heartfelt thanks and sincere best wishes, Dennis.

– Hal Halpin, pres., ECA.

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    Hackangel says:

    I don’t worry too much about him. Someone that see bias everywhere s/he goes and has the need to constently defend their point of view, even in places where it’s uncalled for, is just making up for how weak their convictions truly are.

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    TBoneTony says:

    Nice to hear from Hal too. I think that Dennis should be remembered as the gamer reporter who brought us all the political things about videogames straight to our internet. 


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    nighstalker160 says:

    I am very curious about who’s coming in to take over for Dennis. I’m also wondering if Dennis will show up back here as a regular commentor (stepping down to the level of us peons [insert funny Peon Warcraft quote]).

    In any case, nice to see Dennis getting the recognition he deserves. I haven’t been on here nearly as long as many of you but it’s quickly become one of my favorite internet hangouts.

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    Pominator says:

    In related news, Ben just got head editors job at alliance gaming international!

    Ill do a story on Dennis when my ODST piece is up, I have been visiting this site for a few years now and I have always respected his journalistic integrity, I will post a link when the story is up on the site

    Also I just find republicans funny, they are too "Bond villain stupid" to be properly evil, whereas dems just need to eat more bacon.

    I vote president chicken 2102!

    chick chick chick chick chickeeeeen lay a little egg for meeeeee!

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    Arcanagos says:

    Wow… get out, just get out.  We dont need your diatribes here, this isn’t the place for it, and I for one am sick of it.

    "Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend. Do it in the name of Heaven, Jack Thompson’ll justify it in the end." – nightwng2000

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