More Stardock/UPS/FOX Clarifications

Yesterday GP reported on a comment made by Stardock CEO Brad Wardell regarding his company switching to UPS as a shipping provider, which, in turn, was a seeming response to UPS pulling its advertising from Fox News.

Wardell has since taken to his blog to further explain his position. Noting that GP had reported on his original Facebook post and that the story had eventually “morphed into support for Glenn Beck,” the self-described conservative stated that we are “in the age of the Internet where anything can be recorded, video’d or in this case, copied and pasted, you end up in a gray area of what exactly is news and what isn’t.”

Wardell continued:

I wasn’t making a moral pronouncement on what UPS had done. I was simply annoyed by what they were doing. If people want to boycott my company as a result, that’s certainly their right. Of course, I suspect they assume that if their boycott were successful and I had to lay people off that I wouldn’t do so based on the ideology of the employee.

Neoseeker takes the story a step further, receiving a response from UPS press relations that, in fact, they never pulled their advertising on Fox:

We simply did not have any ads currently airing on FOX.  In fact, a new advertising rotation began on September 14 to support the new The UPS Store online printing service. FOX is included in that rotation.

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