Blogger Challenges Aussie AG to Debate

Using his Edge-Online blog, Alex Walker has penned an open letter to South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson about the lack of an R18+ rating classification in that country.

Walker notes that “the Classification Board has refused classification to twice as many games as the British Board of Film Classification has in the 23 years since it first rated a video game.” He calls out Atkinson on some of his recent statements and uses comments from David Cook, Director of the British Board of Film Classification to aid his case.

Walker finishes with a challenge:

I’m not sure how, given the weight of evidence, you can stand by the inconsistencies in the Australian approach to classifying film and video games. I call on you to stand aside, and allow for a debate on the classification system, a debate which you have so far stifled.

Walker adds that he did email a copy of the letter to Atkinson, but he does not expect a response.

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  1. Ormick says:

    Yea… no… He’ll never take the challenge. He’s too egotistical, his flimsy arguments would never hold up in a debate, and he knows it.

  2. hellfire7885 says:

    If it ever did happen, I can’t imagining it lasting loing. Just Atkinson coming out and saying something along the lines of "I am right, my opponent is completely wrong and hates children. The discussion is close,d"" and then he walks out.

  3. Flowerbed says:

    Yeah, I know how you feel. I’m also leaving my home country (south africa) for canada coz of bullshit politics regarding this industry (among other things). It’s sad, but there isnt much choice.

  4. TBoneTony says:

    Also I feel that Rob Hulls the Victorian AG and the ACT AG (I forgot his name) had both had serious discussions with Mr Atkinson in the meetings of Attorney Generals several times in this decade.

    But still Mr Atkinson is like a prick who won’t listen to any reason, so it is more likely that the OFLC and the other Attorney Generals to just not listen to mr Atkinson and just walk away without even fixing the issue.

    And the only people who lose out is us Aussie Gamers.

    Sad but true, thus is the reason why I am going to leave my country to go to Canada because I hate being portrayed like I am breaking the law even though I am standing up for my rights to freely play any videogame I want.

    I will miss my friends, my family, but if it means I can be free from this bull shit that goes on in my country then I will be happy for myself breaking those boundries.


  5. Ryno says:

    I read it totally differently. He challenged Atkinson to either let the 4? AGs debate the merits of it, or Pariliament, or some part of it: I’m not the one to ask about Aussie politics.  At any rate, he’s calling out Atkinson to debate it at the government level, not with some two-bit blogger, something which as far as I understand, Atkinson has completely blocked with a veto or something. Because of him alone it seems like it’s impossible for the government to have any debate, ruling, what have you about it.


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  6. count23 says:

    Of course there won’t be a reply. Some two bit idiot with a blog is supposed to scare Atkinson? That’s like a homeless man threatening to shiv a riot policeman. All you get is a laugh for a response.

    These kind of mails wont even be seen by Atkinson personally, all emails get forwarded to a public address which is reviewed by his secretary, any mails that meet the criteria for personal viewing are then forward to an internal email address by the secretary to Atkinson. Any other mails (This stupid one included) are just automatically replied to by the secretary with an "Insert Name" thanks for interest reply.

    This isnt’ even newsworthy. The number of people who claim to have challenged him to a debate on this issue is borderline ridiculous and none of them get a posted response.

    Now, if it were someone like the Prime Minister, head of Family First, or another AG that was challenging him, sure, it’s newsworthy and they personally would get a response. Hell, Atkinson would probably personally call the challenger and speak to them on the phone about it. But a blogger? Please.

    Dont anyone dare labour under the false impression that this is even gonna get a reply or that Atkinson is a coward for not answering the mail. Atkinson probably doesnt even know he received one.

    (And before people claim I’m full of shit, i USED TO BE A SECRETARY in a similar role, i know how many mails i bounced from nobodies on a daily basis complaining from everything to "a tree blocking my view" to "it rains too much on my street")

  7. TBoneTony says:

    Many gamers have tried, but unless if they are either a politician or even a Attorney General of Victoria or ACT who are both for an R18+ rating for Videogames, then it is either going to be bounced back and Mr Atkinson is not going to take any notice.

    Also the only reason why Mr Atkinson is refusing to even have a public debate on this is that he knows he is going to lose no matter what, so as the prick that he is he is just going to stop any real debate on this issue at all just so he could have a chance to win next years state election.

    Now if there was someone in the Liberal Party in South Australia challenging him in his own seat on various issues including the R18+ rating for Videogames, THEN there would be some real chance of a debate.

    Sadly, unless for some miracle, I don’t see this happening at all.


  8. mdo7 says:


    I’m not sure how, given the weight of evidence, you can stand by the inconsistencies in the Australian approach to classifying film and video games. I call on you to stand aside, and allow for a debate on the classification system, a debate which you have so far stifled.

    Michael Atkinson, time to Test your might. MORTAL KOMBAT.


  9. Zerodash says:

    People like Atkinson believe that anyone why plays videogames is at best a worthless shut-in and at worst a serial killer.  The debate is a no-go. 

  10. Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    I think that is not gonna happen. Atkinson is a coward and he don´t have the guts even for a normal talk about the topic. He know he is wrong but he will still push his stupidity in others.


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  11. mentor07825 says:

    I’m a regular at Edge and posted on that page of what he said. I wish him the best of luck and that what he said made a lot of sense. He’s very good on Edge and I hope he gets a response.


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