Palin-Tagged 360 Back on Ebay

The perfect holiday present for the Republican in your life is only a few clicks and $1.1 million dollars away as an Xbox 360 signed by former Vice-Presidential candidate Sara Palin has made its way back on to Ebay.

The marked console first appeared on Ebay in early August, and was delisted soon after for (then) unknown reasons, though there was speculation that Palin’s first name was misspelled in her signature, lending an air of illegitimacy to the auction.

Reappearing at the original price of $1.1 million, the 360’s seller, David Morrill, stated in the auction listing that the original auction was pulled due to “Insufficient description of the item or no photos of the item,” and because “Pay Pal is unable to process a payment of this size.” He remedied the first issue by uploading additional pictures and information and tackled the second problem by using another payment processor.

Thanks to the multiple GP readers who sent this in.

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    1AgainstTheWorld says:

    When (not if) it does RROD, the buyer will lose the autograph when it gets sent in for repairs, as Microsoft will either wipe it clean or send him back a different console entirely.

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    Monte says:

     "they can’t be stupid enough to cough up that kinda money for an unauthenticated autograph."

    I don’t know… i mean, we are talking about someone who is not just a fan of sarah palin, but one who finds it more worth while to spend a million bucks for her autograph instead of somehow using that money to support her in some way or fashion… We got pretty damn low stupidity as it is

    And i think i do recall hearing some pretty stupid ebay stories… like someone who bought the SALES RECIET for a 360 for the pirce of a 360… and ebay auction was labeled as such

    And again, but the original asking price back when it was first put on ebay was much lower and it rose to that price; he’s pricing it at what the ending highest bid was during the last auction… again, positive about that as it was months ago, the old auction listing is long since dead and i got the memory of a goldfish… 

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    JDKJ says:

    His problem as I see it is that he’s got absolutely nothing to prove the authenticity of the signature – other than his unsupported say so. It could just as easily be a fake as genuine. Even on the remote possibility that there’s an idiot out there who’s willing to pay $1.1 million for Sarah Palin’s autograph, they can’t be stupid enough to cough up that kinda money for an unauthenticated autograph.

    And the fact that he hasn’t had a handwriting expert render an opinion on authenticity, given the asking price, is in and of itself suspicious.

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    Sigma 7 says:

    Given that this is a mass produced item (not counting the autograph), it’s going *well* above the market value even for a collectible.  

    While Palin was the governor of Alaska and is well known as the running mate, her approval rating isn’t high compared to a few years ago; thus only someone with a lot of money to throw away and who has a obsession with overpriced autographs. 

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    Monte says:

     Actually he didn’t pull that number out of his ass… i think he originally put it up on ebay at a very low price and it ROSE to over a million… Though granted that was months ago, and Palin’s relevancy has only dwindled; as such he really should have started it off at a lower price

    It’s kinda like that episode of Spognebob with the novelty soda drink hat… After being offered a million bucks he comes running back with the xbox, says let’s start the bidding at a million bucks and everyone just laughs at him… though if does sell, my faith in humanity will drop yet another point… and i’ll make a note to have my game console the next time someone like that comes by


    also… i have no idea how hard i would laugh if that thing RROD’s after purchase

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    Neeneko says:

    Well, people with too much money have to spend it somehow.

    Once one passes a certain income point, it becomes difficult to spend money in productive ways.  Most costs in life only scale so much before you are in the realm of spending for the sake of displaying.

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    ded2me says:

    Ha!  I wouldnt give him 1.1 dollars for this.  Does he actually think he is going to get that kind of money out of it? If so, what kind of person would buy this.  And if he DOES sell it, I wonder how much ebay is going to get off of this sale.  I know it is percentage based.

  8. 0
    sqlrob says:

    It would be cheaper to hire Palin for a speaking engagement and have her sign an XBox.

    Anyone that has this much money to blow could more easily get a live meeting. Are people really that dumb?


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    SpiralGray says:

    1. Those people who bid it up over a million before were probably fake bidders.

    2. What I get a kick out of is he wants $1.1M for it, but he still asks for $15 to ship it. I’m thinkin’ if I just shelled out $1.1M for an autographed Xbox he could fork over the shipping charges.

  10. 0
    Flamespeak says:

    If I had that kind of cash I would retire and move somewhere like the Philippines or Korea where I can live like a damn king for the rest of my life.

  11. 0
    mentor07825 says:

    I’ll be honest with you guys, the only thing I’d spend that kind of money on that involves Palin is a week with Palin, doing whatever I want her to do.

    "God, is that you?"

    "No! It’s a me, Mario!"

  12. 0
    Monte says:

     Well like i said below, not sure as it was a long while back, but i think when this was first put on ebay it started lower and rose to over a million… meaning you have atleast 2 idiots in a bidding war over this trash… possibly more 

  13. 0
    Flamespeak says:


    "A fool and his money are soon parted." is the quote I was referencing.

    I do agree there are far more than one fool in the world though. I wear the mantle myself at times.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    Now that there is no obligation to support her, I wonder just how many Republicans still like her.  A lot of them might even resent her, thinking that she contributed to their loss.  Might be a pretty risky gift for the Republican in your life.  😉

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