Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

October 7, 2009 -

The listing/delisting saga of the purported Sara Palin-autographed Xbox 360 continues as the scribed console has reappeared on eBay once again after another brief disappearance.

As noted previously, following about a month-long hiatus, the 360 was relisted on the auction site after the seller, David Morrill, made a few concessions in the listing and altered the payment method. According to the item’s listing history, eBay delisted the console again on October 5 because “listings with the apparent, primary purpose of expressing the seller's personal views are not permitted.” Morrill took down the story of how he acquired the ex-VP candidate’s autograph in order to comply with eBay’s policy.

eBay also told the seller that a second reason for the recent delisting was a miscategorization of the item. Morrill had the item listed under Collectibles > Pinbacks, Bobbles, Lunchboxes > Pinbacks > Campaigns, Elections, Politics, but eBay stated that the 360 was not actually any of the previously listed items. Morrill moved the item to Collectibles > Autographs > Political > Other. Morrill now feels that “all listing requirements have been met.”

The price remains the same—$1.1 million U.S.

Thanks to GP reader Phillip for the heads up.


Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

What a stingy seller.

I'm not buying that Xbox 360 unless he provides free shipping on it.

-Your friendly video game lobbyist

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

David Jaffe will buy it.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

Jeez dude, just give it up.  eBay makes selling more trouble than it's worth.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

If I had them oney I'd bid 50 bucks, then clean off that ugly grafitti after it arrive.s He can't say a thing either, once sold it's in the hands of the customer what happens to it.

Of course he'd likely yank it with only a bid of 50.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

It might have been worth something if Sarah Palin was anything except a losing VP canditate, the ex-Mayor of Wasilla, AK and the ex-governor of AK.

Let's see:

Was Sarah Palin the first female mayor? No

Was she the first female governor? No

Was the she the first female VP candidate? No

Maybe,  just maybe if the GOP had WON the election, making Palin the first female VP her autograph MIGHT have been worth something.

As it is, she's nothign special.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

Not only is she an ex-governor, she is a quitter. She quit with 2 years left in her term because she didn't want people to think she was one of those governors who do little work in the last years of their final term.

E. Zachary Knight
Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

Er, she quit because there were new frivolous accusations against her virtually every day, and the citizens of Alaska were pretty much out a governor because she was forced to spend all her time (and taxpayer money) defending herself instead of actually governing.

I found it more than a little amusing that the same (supposedly progressive) group of individuals and organizations who loudly shouted "Who will take care of her family if she's Vice President?" turned around and mocked her for resigning - without even batting an eye - after citing family as one of the reasons for her resignation.

It's very sad that in today's politics, rational debate is swept under the rug in favor of "attack, attack, attack - it doesn't have to be true, just attack". 

The smear campaigns this past election (particularly against Palin and her family) have been one of the most disturbing illuminations of modern American politics in recent history.  Both sides are guilty of this, though these past several years - particularly the '08 election - have seen much worse from the left than the right.

As much as I'd like to see an overhaul of the entire system, I doubt it'd do any good. At the moment, the media is just selling America what it wants to see - and apparently a majority prefer seeing politicians in catfights to statesmen tackling national problems.

We have met the enemy, and he is us.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

Both sides are guilty of this, though these past several years - particularly the '08 election - have seen much worse from the left than the right.

If you had said both sides are equally guilty of this, there wouldn't even be an issue.... but seroiusly?  You had to say one group is worse than the other.  Does the tire slashings at Obama rallies, bricks thrown in windows at his campaign offices, racist waffles at GOP rallies, birthers, and constant ridiculous comparisons to Hitler, socialism, closet Mulsim terrorist thing not bother you?

Both sides have equally large groups of stupid, ugly assholes.  Neither of them is really better or worse than the other.


Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

You misunderstood me, but the fault is my own - I wasn't nearly specific enough. In my defense, I was in something of a rush to get ready to go the dentist.  When I said "during the '08 election" I was referring specifically to the television spots run by the campaigns. Both sides had their share of underhanded attack ads, but from what I saw, the ones on the left were far nastier.

And for the record, Obama is socialist, in policy and practice, whether he accepts the label or not.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

"I found it more than a little amusing that the same (supposedly progressive) group of individuals and organizations who loudly shouted "Who will take care of her family if she's Vice President?" turned around and mocked her for resigning - without even batting an eye - after citing family as one of the reasons for her resignation."

Perhaps she was mocked because every politician who has ever been caught doing something naughty cites "family reasons" as the reason they are resigning. Is she the first to do so? No. Is it unfair that she's been vilified for it? Probably. But please don't try to defend her for using the tried-and-true "family reasons" for resigning instead of telling the truth.

As for the Xbox 360, I see that the seller still thinks he should get $15 for shipping after collecting $1.1M for the item. I think that, more than the asking price, gives an indication of how just out-of-touch with reality the guy is. Actually, I think I'm going to have some fun with the seller and tell him I'd be willing to bid on the item if he dropped the $15 shipping charge.

Also, as has been mentioned in the past, why would anyone put that high-value an item on eBay. Seems Sotheby's would be a better venue for such a <sarcasm>highly collectible</sarcasm> item.

As for eBay, they should stop delisting this thing. If it were to sell (which it might, there are plenty of stupid people in this world) eBay would collect $16,521.31 in final value fees (not to mention the $4.00 insertion fee they've already collected ).

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

She did tell the truth. She was up front and honest about the fact that she was stuck spending all of her time and money defending herself against spurious complaints instead of governing.

She gave her family as a secondary reason, and it was completely legitimate considering both the smear campaign the media ran against her family, and the fact that she has a young special needs child to care for.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

Actually, those aren't the primary reasons Palin gave when she resigned. Didn't she claim to be most interested in furthering the interests of the citizens of Alaska by not having them suffer through a lame-duck Governor? And she didn't claim to be lamed by her attention being distracted by having to defend herself against anything. She claimed to be lamed solely by virtue of the fact that she was termed-out and the resulting lack of effectiveness in governance which many termed-out elected officials often experience in the waning hours of their final term in office. While she stated her case nowhere near as eloquently as I have re-stated it for her, that was in effect what she said.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

I'm a little willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on the early exit. While I laughed hilariously at the "martyr" image she tried to create I do see some logic.

In AK government officials must pay personally to defend themselves against ethics complaints, they can't use state funds. While I personally thing that's a good thing, Palin apparently had a MOUNTAIN of ethics complaints filed once she became the VP candidate. Now, some of those may have had merit but a significant chunk of them were likely pure politics.

Now painting herself as a martyr for the cause was ridiculous, but I can at least understand the theory.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

"Now, some of those may have had merit but a significant chunk of them were likely pure politics."
Perhaps, but what if those people thought it was an opportune time to reveal ethical problems with a VP candidate?

Meanwhile, I really don't see the fuss here, this is not newsworthy at all, it's only getting more attention for the seller. Why can't we have actual developer-signed X360s or something? An X360 signed by Tim Schafer along with a copy of Brutal Legend would be awesome!

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

Considering that all of the ethics complaints that had been looked into were completely made-up, it sounds like the same kind of bullshit that certain anti-2nd amendment groups tried in 98 and 99: they tired to sue gun makers and distributors on cases without merit, hoping that they could bankrupt the gun companies.  Of course, then a lot of states rejected the cases and all that, so that backfired for the Brady Campaign and it's cronies.

I don't know why she left, but I'd sure get sick of having to pay to repeatedly defend myself against claims made up with the purpose of seeing if they can bankrupt me.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

Jesus Christ!! You've now resorted to defending Sarah Palin?!! Get a grip on yourself, man!! You're losing it!!

Let me ask you this, Dr. Lewis, and your honest answer would be appreciated: If Sarah Palin won the Republican party's nomination as the 2012 presidential candidate, you would vote for her as President of the United States of America and Commander-in-Chief, wouldn't you?

EDIT: Since you're apparently in no rush to answer my question, let me re-phrase it slightly and, if I may so boldly do so, answer it on your behalf: If the choice is between Barak Obama and Sarah Palin, then, yes, you would most certainly vote for Sarah Palin as President of the United States of America and Commander-in-Chief. Which, frankly, Dr. Lewis, scares the living crap outta me because there's always the possibility that there are others like you who have lost their capacity for reason and are of sufficient number to actually have that complete moron who makes George Bush II look like a rocket scientist end up as the President.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

I think this guy is a moron for thinking that Palin's autograph is worth anything more than the value of the 360 it is scrawled on.

Personally, I think that Palin's autograph devalues the 360 by at least half MSRP if not more.

E. Zachary Knight
Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

I remember Bush's autograph selling for $100. He's only slightly less popular than she is. I think it's entirely reasonable to try to bilk one of her fans for $150-$200 for the autograph.

But autographs from sports legends are lucky to sell for $1 million, much less during their career. They're far more popular than any politician, and there are thousands of people collecting their autographs, whereas I've never heard of somebody collecting Republican memorabelia.

Re: Palin 360 Disappears, Then Reappears

It's almost a Zen riddle isn't it.

"If a Palin autographed 360 disappears off ebay and no-one has bid on it, does anyone care?"


I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

-------------------------------------------------- I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.
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