Virtual Goods Lead to Real Benefits for Haitian Kids

FarmVille users on Facebook have taken advantage of a program launched by the games developer to donate almost half a million dollars to a pair of nonprofit agencies in Haiti.

Zynga launched Sweet Seeds for Haiti about three weeks ago reports VentureBeat, offering its 56.0 million users a chance to make a difference by having a portion of the price of virtual sweet potato seeds sold in the game go to the nonprofits FONKOZE and FATEM.

FATEM President Jacky Poteau said that over 500 children have been affected positively by the donations, allowing them a chance to escapes poverty and gain a better education.

FONKOZE is an alternative bank for the poor, while FATEM dedicates itself to improving the basic needs of the community, with a focus on education and alleviating hunger.

So the next time someone tells you to stop wasting time on Facebook, tell them you’re simply making the world a better place.

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