AO-Rated Manhunt 2 Gunning for PCs

Rockstar Games’ controversial Manhunt 2 is being released for the PC this week in an uncensored version that carries an Adults Only (AO) rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).

Originally released in 2007 for the Wii and PlayStation 2 platforms, the title drew fire over its content and a perception that using the Wii’s motion controls to enact virtual violence could carry over to real-world violence, despite evidence that eventually emerged to the contrary.

The BigDownload notes that Manhunt 2 will be offered via the digital delivery system of Direct2Drive for $29.95. Purchases are limited to those who live in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  While Valve offers a full Rockstar Games collection through its Steam service, no mention of the pending availability of an AO-rated Manhunt 2 game can be found anywhere on their site or within Steam.

The ESRB content descriptor for the game states: “Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs.”

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    Monte says:

    "Be it tasteful or tasteless, if its there to stimulate arousal it can be classified as pornography. That scene in Mass Effect that flashed some alien nipple? While it may have been tastefully done, it can easily be classified as softcore porn."

    No it is not…

    Porn is speficially defined as material that is INTENDED to cause arousal… scenes like the one in Mass effect, and numerous sex scenes in movies do NOT carry such intent. Any arousal they cause is unintentional.

    Only way you could call them pronography is if you define pornography as just "anything that might cause arousal", but then you are using the term too loosely as that would includes A LOT of material… the mere picture of a person, no matter how much or little clothing they are wearing, could cause arousal in people… ya lots of normal pictures could be considered "softcore porn"

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    State says:

    Fahrenheit was an AO game. It got cut in the US to get an M rating. In the UK the game was released uncut with a rating of 15+.

    Sex and nudity were cut from the game, and the sex in the game actually served the plot.

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    Unruly says:

    Maybe you don’t, but the fact that there was even a small market for them in the US means that some do.

    Be it tasteful or tasteless, if its there to stimulate arousal it can be classified as pornography. That scene in Mass Effect that flashed some alien nipple? While it may have been tastefully done, it can easily be classified as softcore porn. Just watch Cinemax after 3am sometime and you’ll see that it comes fairly close.

    Also, would CGI scenes like that not count as cartoon porn?

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand that your argument was more about wanting a mature experience, in terms of actually having a well done, mature storyline along the lines of Fahrenheit, or Heavy Rain once it comes out, but those games have shown that a mature and adult storyline can be had with an M rating. What most people want an AO for is simply so that they can have CGI tits flashed in their face or extreme gore, should they so choose. There are few actual storytelling situations that are blocked by AO not being sold.

    I support allowing the AO rating and removing its wrongfully earned "porn game" label, but at the same time I also realize that when it does become something other than an effective ban that it will be used primarily for that. I highly doubt that you’re going to find a game that takes you on some profound journey of introspection and self-enlightenment that could only be done with an AO rating. Or if you do, it will be a one-off deal because it won’t sell well to the general masses.

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    beemoh says:

     >In the UK, it’s a criminal act to distribute the game. Period.

    Only on disc or tape, due to a quirk in the way the law is written- broadly speaking, it’s illegal to distribute it on a storage medium- in the case of Digital Distribution, it’s technically legal to distribute in the UK, since there’s no storage media involved, or at least no storage media that’s part of the product.

    So in theory, it would be a breach of the VRA to buy the Direct2Drive business, if it was a UK-based operation.

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    Unruly says:

    Not quite. In the US, it was still able to be released on a platform, the PC, and it was legal. In the UK, it’s a criminal act to distribute the game. Period.

    Legal but denied access versus accessible but illegal. Its kind of like drugs. You have access to heroin, but its illegal to possess it whereas morphine is legal but you’re denied access(not counting black market for the morphine).

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    State says:

    The result was exactly the same, consumers could not purchase the game at retail based on censorship. In America there were many groups involved in the censorship, in the UK there was one, but still the same result in both countries.

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    darkenchanter says:

    Umm… yes it was a UK only problem. Here-in lies the difference;


    Retailors: We won’t stock it

    Big Three: Our consoles won’t run it.

    Rockstar: Whatever, PC release it then


    Retailors: We’ll stock it

    Big Three: We’ll run it

    Rockstar: Awesome! Now just to get it to our distributor…

    Government: Stop! If you sell or otherwise distribute this game, you are liable to several thousand pound fines, and a prison sentance, huzzah!

    Free speech: *gets urinated on by Harriet Harman*

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    DarkSaber says:

    Funnily enough, here in the west we do not really want cartoon porn when we say we want mature, adult gaming experiences.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

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    TBoneTony says:

    Um…as far as trying to make developers develop good quality AO18+ games, I can name so many Japanese Dating Sims that do just that.

    But because so many people don’t understand how Japanese Dating Sims work, I guess it is a lost cause and will only remain popular in Japan.

    You also had some good companies trying to publish Japanese Dating Sims and Visual Novels in North America but the problem was with Hiemeki running out of business with their games marketed for M17+ and Teen audiences and the only games that did prove to sell well was the Hentai ones from Peach Princess.

    So if you have anything to blame for a lack of companies not trying to make good quality AO18+ games, blame those who did not buy the Japanese Dating Sims from those companies.



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    Moriarty70 says:

    In order for it to take off you need something big. In order to get in the door, you need something small, like a foot or a toe. I think this game has the potential to be that foot in the door. Slip in under the radar, gain precedent for that game everyone really wants.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    Also true.  Censorship aside, most reviewers felt the game just wasn’t as good as the first.  But surely many fans of the first might have given it a go anyway if not for the fact that the biggest reason to play the game in the first place was stripped out.


    Andrew Eisen

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    State says:

    Whilst the game became less brutal than that of its predecessor, censorship had no effect on its gameplay (at least with the PS2 version), only the non-interactive parts were censored and more extreme kills taken out.

    What did for the game were the poor reviews it received and after completing the game I can say that it was a clear step back from the original where nearly every element was worse than the original. The censorship didn’t harm the game the actual quality of it did.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    It was $50 when it came out.  Same price as every other game.  I find it hard to believe that was the most common reason people passed on it in the first place in light of the fact that the game was censored to the point that everything unique and fun about the game was stripped out.


    Andrew Eisen

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    darkenchanter says:

    Can’t buy it, due to living in the dump that is the UK. And to think, I bought all three previous versions, just so I could be ignored when they finally bring out the real deal? Not R*s fault of course, it’s the scum that is our BBFC that’s to blame for this one. And then I can thank the British government, when I try to torresnt it and get my internet cut of. It’s not as if I wouldn’t buy it if I could you b******s!

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    Monte says:

    nah… you need a really, really good game for that to happen. You need a real system seller; you need a game that gamers are really clammering for; a true masterpiece of gaming…. frankly you need a game that will inspire other developers to make good AO rated games… I don’t think many are really watching Manhunt 2 all that closely, or really much care how it does.

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    Moriarty70 says:

    I really hope Steam carries the AO version. It could very well be the first salvo in making AO a viable option for gaming. Maybe move the definition of it away from porn games.

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