Not Many Christian Games Left Behind in Wal-Mart

Left Behind Games, which last month announced a pilot release of its Christian-themed games in 100 Texas Wal-Mart stores, reports brisk sales of their offerings in the Lone Star state.

Stating in a bit of PR that the experiment is “progressing beyond the company’s original expectations,” a company representative claimed that about 25% of their inventory has been sold in the two weeks since the pilot started, which is operating in Houston and Dallas area stores.

CEO Try Lyndon said:

At the rate Wal-Mart inventory is moving, they will be out of games before Christmas, unless they reorder. With seven weeks remaining, and accelerated sales expected as we near the holidays, we believe test results will be favorable leading to a broader national market for Christian based PC games.

In an effort to boost sales, Left Behind Games is sending mailers to areas surrounding Wal-Mart stores that stock their games, offering to send a second free game to anyone purchasing a Left Behind title from the world’s largest retailer.

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  1. TBoneTony says:

    Society… as it has always been since the days of the bible, has been a cesspool of Sexism, racism and homophobia and these things still exist today.

    We are more inclined to do violence on other people all because we don’t believe in what they believe. Or that we think that their views are a danger to our way of life in what we want to live.

    Religion is not the problem, it is more of people using the power of religion to manipulate over other people and force them to think of themselves as nothing but lambs who need to be guided.

    I may never have known Jesus, but I think he was one of the few good people in the world at the time who had a great positive influence amongst people.

    It is just the way other people use his name that is more than what he is really meant to be that makes his image look bad.

    I even have read how other christian people who are angry at the world seem to believe that freedom of choice is toxic to society, or that living in a society that accepts different races and religions and sexuality are crumbling the better society that they once hold onto in the past.


    If I chose not to be religious or to follow any god because of what I have seen and read though other people, it is not my fault, it is because I chose not to on the basis that I believe that there is a god, but none of the religions around the world ever really fit the way I feel god should be.



  2. JB says:

    But how does the game compare to "Billy Graham’s Bible Blaster"?


    Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference! "Convert the heathens!!!!!!"

  3. Unrealevil says:

    This game (and the company) is a racist and sexist pile of shit, which I would call brainwashing as well, if not for the fact that its pathetic premise and execution is terrible to the point it can serve as no more than a parody of the antediluvian beliefs it’s based upon.

  4. Doom90885 says:

    The only reason I would bash this game and attempt to ban it is to give those holier than thou Christians who try to ban everything because they don’t like it for one reason or another a taste of their own medicine. Let’s see how they react when its their entertainment attacked on baseless "facts" because I don’t like it, thus it should not exist.

  5. gamegod25 says:

    I guess it goes to show that high sales doesn’t always equate to quality.

    But then again perhaps they bought it so they could get a good game for free?

  6. hellfire7885 says:

    Heh, oddly this made me think of when I found one of their books in a freecycle box. The same box passed several houses and no one took the book.

  7. Sai says:

     It seems to me like "Christian" games exist to sell to people who declare all media unholy but desperately want to indulge in it anyway, they must feel terribly insecure unless their video games are "Christian-based."

  8. johnmarkley says:

    For me, a lot hinges on how how explicit and specific it is.  To use another C.S. Lewis example, his "Space Trilogy" novels are set in a very thinly veiled Christian cosmology and are clearly grounded in Lewis’ Christian worldview, but they aren’t outright allegory in the way the Narnia books are and many of the ideas they address are interesting to me even though I don’t share the underlying religious beliefs.

    Check out my video game humor and commentary blog, Pointless Side Quest!

  9. Magic says:

    See the Christian Rock Hard episode of South Park. 🙂

    What bothers me is phrases like "Christian based" in the press releases of companies like this, it just seems so divisive, that only Christians can enjoy them. There are so many more people in the world of different beliefs (and "non-beliefs"), they’re not fussed that they’re almost excluded from the games.

    It’s never going to win me over, in a sense, much like I’ll never really enjoy The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe since I know it’s, for all intents and purposes, Christian ‘propaganda’ of a sort.

  10. Sai says:

    How is that "smug nastiness" considering the content of the Left Behind series? I mean the game is literally about battling "secularists" with violence.

    Funnily enough too the game as a similar disdain for college education as you do. It’s almost as if some people really believe everyone on Earth is Christian until they go to college.

  11. Bigman-K says:

    No doubt. It seems like being an atheist and mocking religion and belief in God is now the cool "IN" thing today. IMHO fundamentalist religious nutcases and militant atheists dicks are just two different sides of the same coin. They’re both arrogant douchebags.

     "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  12. SeanB says:

    LOL, the predictable uninformed opinion of a christian who’s defending the game, BECAUSE it’s christian.

  13. TaoJeannes says:

    *sigh* The predictable smug nastiness from college students and disaffected twenty somethings who think it’s cool to hate religion and Christianity specifically begins anew…

    And Cheater87, the answer to your question is no.

  14. Iris says:

    Surprisingly enough, Jack Thompson was very adamantely against one of the Left Behind games, in which you kill non-believers.   He apparently severed his ties with the publishers of the Left Behind series because he felt they compromised their values by making the game.   Of course, I find it amusing that someone claiming the Christian faith who sends pornography and threats of violence to people to make his point can criticise anyone for ‘compromising their values’, but that’s Jack for you 😛 


  15. Overcast says:

    Not that I’m biased one way or the other really – but if you are bashing it – have you tried it? lol

    I haven’t – and likely won’t, so no comment. I’m glad there’s a growing market for gaming out there everywhere – to be honest. Maybe Jack Thompson will buy a copy, get obsessed and leave us alone, lol.

  16. SticKboy says:

    Nice come back, but sterotypically humourless. It’d make for a change to see Christians being oppressed. Those events you mention took place within current people’s lifetimes and the black and jewish communities know full well what it means to be downtrodden. I’m familiar with both black and jewish comedy, never Christian comedy. Perhaps if Christianity was on the back foot for the first time in 1696 years, it might build character.

    My point is this – it’s been so long since Chritianty was a minority that the ultra-religious can’t even relate. Products like Left Behind assume divine entitlement and carry an air of superiority – I just don’t see any other inclusive religion or religious sect crafting something similar.

  17. Unrealevil says:

    Yes, you did say something about the game.  Apparently you knew enough about it to answer Cheater87, and then you just admitted to defending it.

    You call out SeanB for assuming, but it’s interesting that you assume these posters are "college students and disaffected twenty somethings who think it’s cool to hate Christianity".

  18. TaoJeannes says:

    I didn’t say anything about the game, did I? Just the attitude of the posters so far. Interesting that because I defend the game you assume I’m uniformed and biased… or even Christian.

  19. Bigman-K says:

    Funny, if somebody was to say bring the Nazis back and stuff all the jews in the gas chamber, or bring the Klu Klux Klan back and lynch us some niggers you’d probably be the first to call them anti-semetic, bigoted, racist trash. Pot calling the Kettle black I hear.

     "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  20. SticKboy says:

    Bring back Roman circuses, that’s what I say. The height of Christian entertainment was when they were being fed to lions.

  21. mentor07825 says:

    My great-grandmother is a Born Again Christian and she’s been trying to convert the family for as long as I remember, and yet she still does a lot of good out of the goodness of her heart.

    Did you not read my full comment? I said that the studio did admit that they hoped to convert a few people, but it wasn’t about it. The primary goal was to help people, and helped they did. They did a public service and I thought that was fantastic, religious or not.

    Be it Muslim, Catholic or whatever, I’d support any religious game that hopes to improve the well being of the player as the primary goal. I can understand converting being the secondary goal.

    "God, is that you?"

    "No! It’s a me, Mario!"

  22. SeanB says:

    It’s called evangelizing. They’l do anything they can to get thier message out, and getting it out to kids is a good idea, as children are less likely to ask questions, and accept what they’re told.

    Tobacco companies use the same tactics. the younger someone had thier first smoke, the more likely they’l be smokers for life. the EXACT same goes for religion. i’m not being mean or feciecious (or a good speller), it’s the straight truth.

  23. mentor07825 says:

    I’ve read an article from Edge or Games(tm) about a development studio that makes Christian games. I have to say they did admit that they make the games to convert people, but not as their primary objective. They made the games they made to help people who play them.

    Since then that studio gained a small amount of respect withen the community as a specific game really helped people who had emotional problems at the time, or troubled thoughts. They received a lot of support mail and mail thanking them for a great game, Christian or not.

    One way or another I do not care about Christian games. There’s a market for them, go for it then. I’d much prefer Christian games that aim to promote the well being of the user in some way rather then trying to convert them.

    A religious game that promotes and helps the person playing, regardless of the religion the game promotes, has my support.

    "God, is that you?"

    "No! It’s a me, Mario!"

  24. Arell says:

    Lol, no kidding!  Now, I have nothing against Christian games, but I do have an issue with crappy games only being sold because they’re Christian-oriented.  Is this an attempt to see how much terrible crap Christians will buy as long as it’s somehow religiously themed?  They should at least have enough self-dignity to at least demand quality merchandise.

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