Atkinson Foe Interviewed

The man behind the Gamers4Croydon party (formed to knock South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson out of office) recently gave an interview to the Sydney Morning Herald.

One clarification to come out of the chat—30 year old David Doe will not run himself against Atkinson. He is simply taking the steps to get the party formed, then will look for an appropriate candidate to take on the incumbent.

Doe stated:

As a registered voter of Victoria, I cannot run in the South Australian state election. We’ll be finding a local candidate by holding a party caucus once Gamers4Croydon has been officially registered by the SA Electoral Commission.

Doe on what his “dream scenario” one year from now would entail:

A Gamers4Croydon member sitting in the House of Assembly as the member for the SA electoral seat of Croydon for a start, with another member sitting in the SA Legislative Council. Having all parents in Australia knowing how to use the parental controls found in their home consoles. Having an R18+ rating for videogames implemented, thereby giving parents the ability to correctly determine the type of content they are purchasing for their children, and giving adults the right to play adult-oriented material.

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