Rating Games for a Different Audience

Disabled gamers can now check out reviews of videogames done expressly with them in mind thanks to the AbleGamers Foundation.

Reviews featured on the main AbleGamers website are ranked, from 1 to 10, in terms of how the game performs for those with visual, hearing or motion impaired disabilities. These numbers are then factored in with additional ratings for closed captioning, speed settings, difficulty settings and options for colorblindness, among others, before a final grade is calculated.

AbleGamers Foundation Presiden Mark Barlet added, “There are countless sites out there that review games for their graphics and sound, but no one is looking at the game from the standpoint of accessibility. With 63 million Americans with disabilities this is a focus that is needed and who better to do it than the flagship site for disabled gamers, AbleGamers.com.”

16 game reviews are currently up on the site. BioWare’s Dragon Age for the PC is currently the highest-rated game to-date, garnering a 9.8. From the Game Accessibility section of the review:

One-handed gamers and the mobility impaired will have no problems playing at all. If you can only play with one hand or have difficulty playing many mainstream games, such as only being able to play with a mouse or a keyboard, this is a game for you. If you can play titles such as World of Warcraft, Aion, and Guild Wars then you will be able to play Dragon Age.

The lowest rated game so far is Nintendo’s Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Story for the DS, which received a 4.5 score. The reviewer enjoyed the game, but noted, “I pretty much can’t recommend it to anyone with just about any disability.”

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