Anti-War Campaign Inspires Game

Inspired by anti-war posters, Reid Kimball created a side-scrolling game for the PC echoing the same message.

The posters sparked Kimball’s motivation were created by Big Ant International, under a campaign called What Goes Around Comes Around which backed the Global Coalition for Peace. The artwork is designed to wrap around objects in order to show, for example, a soldier’s gun muzzle pointing at himself.

The game itself, called What Goes Around, is rather simple, and has players fire a Predator missile from a drone (at a UFO adorned with a turban) and then, mimicking the posters, having to avoid the missile as it loops around and comes up behind the drone. The game (7MB) can be downloaded from Kimball’s SparkPlugCreations website here.

Kimball talked about the What Goes Around on his Gamaustra blog:

I have a passion for creating games that explore more serious topics like health, the environment, human rights and war. I don’t get to make these kinds of games during my day job but I hope to one day because I believe games can provide very engaging and empowering experiences for people.

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