Gamers4Croydon Founder Dives into Politics Full-Time

David Doe, the man behind the Australian political party that hopes to run a candidate against Attorney General Michael Atkinson, has resigned from his full-time job in a bid to focus all his efforts on derailing the incumbent anti-gamer.

In a message on his website, Doe wrote that it was time for him to put his money where his mouth is and that, thanks to a “wonderfully understanding and supportive wife, and some good savings strategies,” he was able to resign from his position as Quality Assurance Manager at a Melbourne videogame studio.

Doe continued:

The quality of my work in both spheres was beginning to suffer and I want to make sure I excel at one of these endeavours for the next few months at least.

Doe made clear that any donations made to the Gamers4Croydon party would not “in any way shape or form… be used as a form of income.”

He added:

I want to make it clear that I’m taking a huge and personal financial risk doing this, but if the March 20 election rolled by and I thought that I could have done substantially more if only I’d had more time, I’d regret it as an opportunity lost forever.

Here’s to working hard on something you love.

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    sharpshooterbabe says:

    Doe just needs to get a ton of protesters against Atkinson, instead of 50 people at the other rally….



    "It’s better to be hated for who you are, then be loved for who you are not." – Montgomery Gentry

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    TBoneTony says:

    Go Gamers 4 Croydon.

    Even though I am in victoria and have no real influence even if it is my own country and my rights, I know I can cheer from the sidelines across the state boarder for this man.

    I hope David Doe also has got a backup plan to get back into a job in case if he looses against Atkinson.

    Also David has to expect that Michael Atkinson will stoop to all kinds of smear campaings and fear mongering in order to keep his power over Aussie Gamers. Expect Atkinson to use Child Porn or a fake naked photo like what happen to Pauline Hanson in the Queensland state election in early 2009.

     David Doe has to fight his position on all fronts too, not just videogames and also mention about the internet filter and other things that need to be taken a stand on.

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    Shahab says:

    This guy sounds like a real stand up guy. I would love to meet this guy, he believes in something enough that he is willing to take big personal risks in pursuit of it. Major props bro, if I was an Australian you’d get my vote.

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    thefremen says:

    Does anyone else want to enter a pool for the day when people who donate money get upset that there isn’t an online form to ask for their money back? 

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    The fact someone has the balls to stand up to the bastard is good enough for me. I hope he wins… and doesn’t f**k us all in the ass if he does.

    — Randi Tastix

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    Ratros says:

    That is a real man there.

    I once had a dream about God. In it, he was looking down upon the planet and the havoc we recked and he said unto us, "Damn Kids get off my lawn!"

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    Fedule mk II says:

    I’ll admit, I’m less cynical about Gamers4Croydon in the light of this, and I wish them well, though it’ll be an uphill struggle to unseat Atkinson.

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    Zerodash says:

    Considering how Atkinson uses lies, half-truths, generalizations, and hyperbole to describe videogames and the people who play them, I expect him to use dirty politics to stay in office should he feel threatened.  This can get ugly.

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