Get-Well Gamers Outfits 100th Facility

California-based charity Get-Well Gamers has reached a milestone with the addition of the 100th healthcare facility to its network.

The organization stocks children’s hospitals and treatment centers with new and used videogames and systems to provide entertainment for ailing youngsters. Facilities outfitted by Get-Well Gamers now span all 50 U.S. states.

President Ryan Sharpe stated, “We could not have reached this amazing milestone without all those who have helped us throughout the years. The doctors, the child life staff, the parents, the games industry, but most importantly, regular, everyday gamers deserve our deepest thanks.”

The organization also noted that White Wolf Publishing, a division of CCP, recently donated $10,000.

"It is difficult for anyone to be hospitalized but especially so for children,” added Rita Goshert, MS, CCLS, Manager Child’s Life Department, Miller Children’s Hospital at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. “Play is the work of children. By donating a video game system to hospitalized children, you are helping to support their normal growth and development during a very traumatic time.“

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