Boys Pulls Robbery, Likens it to Real Life GTA

Armed with a BB gun, a 14-year old California boy stole a pair of bicycles and after being apprehended reportedly told deputies that he felt like he was playing a real-world version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Bakers Field Now reports that the minor was arrested by Wasco police officers after a brief chase, which he compared to an episode of Cops. He told officers that he considered “shooting the deputy in the eye,” but was scared that he would be shot in return if he missed. According to a newscast, officers also attempted to taser the boy, with “little effect.”

No word on how the boy was able to manage fleeing with two stolen bicycles.

Thanks Jack!

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  1. gamegod25 says:

    Unless you’re talking about someone putting a gun to your head, saying "        made me do it" should be grounds for an immediate guilty verdict. No one made you do anything, you always have a choice. So either you did it purposefully and/or are crazy, either way you belong behind bars.

    Also as a side note, when asked a question in court replying "I don’t recall" should also carry an immediate guilty verdict with life sentence and no parole.

  2. Gaffit says:

    Heh, smart kid. Not only was he able to rob a couple kids with a BB Gun, but he was also able to deflect any blame that would have gone towards him onto something idiotic.

    I’m telling you, that kid is going places.

  3. robbway says:

    The details in the article don’t add up.  I’m not sure if its bad reporting or that it was made up.  Please note the boy’s quote is paraphrased, as told by the police or other third party.  What kid this day would bother to say it was like GTA:SA?  They would probably just say "Grand Theft Auto."  Second of all, if he ditched the BB gun, when exactly did the thought of shooting a deputy in the eye happen?

    These kind of kid-thug crimes are much older than video games.  Saying something "felt like" a movie or game is really no indication of influence, but rather a frame of reference from the kid’s life to make an analogy.

  4. hellfire7885 says:

    And on a lifhgt form Miami an intrepid ex lawyer is flying to this community to practice law without a liscense to get this boy off the hook and attempt to sue an industry that had nothign to do with it, AGAIN

  5. TBoneTony says:

    10 years on, and still the same sort of lies from lazy journalists trying to blame something for a kid’s bad actions.


  6. SS says:

     I am getting tired of people always looking for scapegoats in society.  WE watched a movie in our pyschology class called "Tough Guise".  IT was the dumbest movie ever, it blamed the media for creating a "crises in masculinity".  Typical feminist crap,  manly qualities were appreciated even in older times before tv and video games.  According to the movie black guys acting tough has all to do with watching rappers, not the reality of living in poverty with single parents.  There is no crises in masculinity, men will always idealize the tough guy image.  Same situation here, Jack probably thinks video games had everything to do with the kid commiting robbery.


    sorry for the off topic rant but I had to get it out.  

  7. vellocet says:

    You know, I think this is actually a good example of why games ARE NOT the cause of real world violence or delinquency.

    The fact that the child could understand that being shot was a consequence of his actions is a GOOD thing.  If he were really in a state where it was the same as GTA, he wouldn’t have thought about that at all, since getting shot once or twice is not really a problem (getting killed even).  The fact that this child could tell that being shot by a police officer was a bad thing shows that he knew what he was doing was wrong but he chose to do it anyway.

    We all know that responsible people who can tell right from wrong would never replicate actions from GTA.  What we have here is a irresponsible person who CAN tell right from wrong… When a person is responsible/irresponsible but can’t tell right from wrong, that’s a mental illness which can’t really be blamed on games.

    The worst that can be said is that some games may set off some people who are mentally ill.  But the same can be said that knives could be dangerous in the hands of the mentally ill.  I don’t see anyone shouting to ban kitchen knives.

    On another note, I think it’s interesting that the child didn’t want to "get hurt" as a consequence of his actions.  It’s kinda like when children dressed up as superman and jumped off of things.  Kids may do it once, but after getting hurt, they won’t do it again.  Imagine if everyone that owned a gun needed to be shot in the arm before getting one.  I think there’d be people a lot more responsible people with guns and also a lot less likely to shoot others. 

    note: I am not against gun ownership.  I’m against gun ownership by irresponsible people.  People who are uneducated, unhealthy and afraid can NOT be responsible.

  8. Vake Xeacons says:

    Kid watched too much TV maybe? But who to blame, hmm? GTA or Cops? Games or TV?

    TV? Oh where’s the fun in that? Oh, Rooockstaaar….

  9. mdo7 says:



    I was reading this article.  I know the boy was stupid and just using game to make up those excuse.  If the media like FOX News is going to blame  GTA, they’ll have to blame Cops also.     

    Thanks Jack!


    Would this be the same Jack who said that video game was the cause of all school shooting, and trying to put take-two and Rockstar game out of business.  Hey, Jack read these articles:

  10. Thomas McKenna says:

    "Bakers Field Now reports that the minor was arrested by Wasco police officers…"


    There’s your problem right there.  Let’s take a few looks at the statistics of wasco…

    Unemployment: 21.9% (national average is 5.8)

    113 arrests last month, the most being in assault and drug charges

    I’m pretty sure while the kid likens his experiences to video games (not surprising, as if he was a first time offender, he really wouldn’t have any other way of relating these experiences, no matter how wide the gap in between the two really is), his crime was simply due to being raised in a shitty town that’s getting hit extra hard by the recession.

  11. Cecil475 says:

    We haven’t really heard from Dear ol’ Jack in some time have we?

     – W

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  12. Erik says:

    I’m guessing that the "Thanks Jack" means that our old unemployed friend both tipped off this story. Furthermore he probably thinks that it validates his inspidid crusade which has destroyed only himself.  Unfortunately, no, wrong again Jack.  You see someone deciding to mimic something, as in this case, is a whole different ball of wax in comparison to your theory of some sort of direct and willful hypnosis which would put publishers like Rockstar in direct legal trouble.

    This is lucky for you Jack.  Someone such as yourself who has cooked up more than a few nightmare scenerios (such as with your idiotic proposal which Penny Arcade put up the cash for when you pussied out) that could very well be undertaken in the real world.  In your idiotic world where mimicry and mind control are the same thing, I would trust that you would do the right thing and plead guilty.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  13. Kincyr says:

    the boy also mentioned the TV show COPS alongside the GTA game. Media bias, anyone?

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  14. Adamas Draconis says:

    Already has, multiple times to multiple failures.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  15. SeanB says:

    "Thanks Jack"

    is that a reference to the suspected "Game made me do it" defense we always thought JT’s nonsense would lead to, or did someone named Jack actually link you the article?

  16. Craig R. says:

    So who was responsible for the initial report blaming video games? Bakers Field Now or somebody else?

  17. gellymatos says:

    Jack Thompson, this would be the tampa resident who sent you the friendly christmas email. I rather hope you are reading these posts. If you are, I must say this article doesn’t really prove anything, assuming you sent this article to GP to prove a point. This 14 year old kid just seems to be immature and stupid. Shall I go with the usual points to disprove any of yours? First, the game is rated "M", his parents are responsible for what he plays. They should know whether or not a game is right for their child, which it clearly wasn’t. Second, the foolish acts of one person who plays a game doesn’t define everyone else. On the other hand, assuming that you sent this story simply because it’s an interesting videogame related one, thanks.

  18. TK n Happy Ness says:

    Stupid kid. There’s no mission in SA where you can steal a bike, and most people would rather steal a car since it’s better.

    When Jack Thompson runs his mouth, does anyone really care what he has to say anymore?

  19. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    I’d also like if every kid who used the "it/they/he/she made/told me to do it" to get out of trouble deserve repeated backhands.

    When i was 14, i never played a game and thought "hey, i should do this in real life".


    This. Oh, so fucking much, with some differences. I was playing DOOM 1 and Wolfenstein 3D when I was about 5 and never thought of doing something like what was in those games in real life, except to screw with Miami Jack’s head.

    Plus, it gives us a bad name when people say "video games made me do it" or something like that, so knock it off, kids. We’re not like you. We don’t do this shit just because we saw it done in a video game. We don’t even do it at all anymore, now that we’re 18+ years old.


    "A Chrono Trigger is anything that unleashes its will or desire to change history!" -Gaspar

  20. Cerabret100 says:

    As if i needed another reason to hate kids (and i’m only 19). Kids like this are complete idiots, and them and their parents need to be sterilized for the sake of the gene pool.

    I’d also like if every kid who used the "it/they/he/she made/told me to do it" to get out of trouble deserve repeated backhands.

    When i was 14, i never played a game and thought "hey, i should do this in real life".

  21. PHX Corp says:

    oh, Very moronic, those boys are(yoda style sarcasm)

    But I’m getting that rediculous song in my head from cops

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

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