Greenpeace Rates Electronic Manufactures

As part of its annual Guide to Greener Electronics, Greenpeace has issued detailed ratings on just how well electronic manufactures are doing in the race to become environmentally friendly.

Nokia rated first overall, with a 7.3 rating out of 10. Of the console manufactures, Sony fared the best, coming in with a 5.1 ranking.

Microsoft and Nintendo game in second to last and last respectively, with ratings of 2.4 and 1.4.

Nintendo actually showed improvement when compared to past years: the company earned a 0.0 score in 2007 and a 0.8 score in 2009.

Details from the report on Nintendo:

Nintendo scores most points on chemicals; it has put games consoles on the market that have PVC-free internal wiring. It has banned phthalates and is monitoring use of antimony and beryllium. Although it is endeavouring to eliminate the use of PVC, it has not set a timeline for its phase-out. It continues to score zero on all e-waste criteria.

The full report (PDF) can be viewed here.

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    TehChef says:

    You know, I read somewhere (probably ArsTechnica) that this list doesn’t actually rate green companies, but rather companies that pledge to be green. Big difference. I think the case in point was the fact that Apple got a fairly poor rating for not pledging to be greener or having a timeline by which to eliminate harmful chemicals, but the fact of the matter was that Apple was already a fairly green company. Hard to pledge to be something if you already are. I’ll try and find the article and link it.


    EDIT: Found it.

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    Xveers says:

    It’d make more sense to leave them off the chart, but then how would greenpeace terrorize us into thinking they are evil? No, not greenpeace. They’re plenty Evil. I mean the game companies.


    Best keep your wits about you: The gears of life are always spinning, and ignorance eventually means you’ll get caught in them.

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    Cerabret100 says:

    If they don’t give you the "required" information, doesn’t it make more sense to just leave them off the chart?

    I honestly doubt greenpeace is gonna guilt them in to releasing the relavent data with this.

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