Fulfill Your Obligations, Even in Games

A Florida man has been arrested because he didn’t play fair in World of Warcraft.

According to an Associated Press report out of Clearwater, 23-year-old Christopher H. Bouffard was arrested on Monday after he collected $760 from at least two people in exchange for World of Warcraft characters that he never delivered. He was arrested on charges of scheming to defraud and two counts of grand theft.

The incidents occurred in 2008, when Bouffard allegedly solicited the money in exchange for the characters, but cut off all contact with the individuals once he received the money.

He was being held on $20,000 bail. No word on what Blizzard plans to do with his account, or whether he even had one to begin with.

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    sharpshooterbabe says:

    One of my friends I know in the Navy does the same thing but he fulfills his obligations & makes tons of money w/it. Pretty sweet.



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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    Not to be mean or anything, but why did you not put a stop payment on the original check? If I knew that a check that large was missing, I would have done so before handing over a new check. Sure it would cost you, but not nearly as much as the full written value on the check.

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    strathmeyer says:

    Wow, really? I once had a landlord claim he lost my $2500 rent check, so I gave him another and he cashed both, so I sued him and I got a judgement for $1500 which he will never pay. How do I get him arrested?

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    Bloodharp says:

    Wait, $20k for stealing $760 total? Or was it multiple individuals at $760 each? I’m not sure but the petty line is either $300 or 3k isnt it? Owell, i never liked the ideo of character selling anyways. Why play a game when someone has already done the work? It’s like gold selling, but with gear and experience points as well.

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