Expert Gives Gamers4Croydon Little Chance vs. Atkinson

An ABC election analyst believes that the Gamers4Croydon party will not have much of an impact in the upcoming South Australian elections.

Gamers4Croydon is, of course, trying to unseat anti-game Attorney General Michael Atkinson in the Croydon region with its just-announced candidate, Kat Nicholson. ABC’s Antony Green spoke to GameSpot on the subject, opining that the crux of the matter is that not many people over the age of 30 care about the R18+ rating issue:

The best thing they can do at this stage is invest their money in something else. I’m just not convinced people either know or care about this issue, which is why their campaign will have little impact.

Green did acknowledge that, while there might be some discontent in Croydon, any such sentiment would not be enough to unseat Atkinson.

Interestingly, Green believes that, in general, the populace is in favor of suppression:

When push comes to shove, a significant portion of the electorate will reject lifting censorship on this sort of thing because most people tend to be rather pro-censorship as a gut instinct.

Gamers4Croydon head David Doe responded to Green’s insights:

All we can do is continue to raise awareness and have a presence in the electorate. We’ll really need to work hard in the next eight weeks to get our message across and get as many votes as we can.

Thanks Ryan!

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