Penis-Armed Villain Teaches Youth About STDs

The Middlesex-London Health Unit of London, Ontario has launched an online game designed to educate teens and young adults on the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Adventures in Sex City will have players assume the role of one of four characters—Captain Condom, Power Pap, Willy the Kid or Wonder Vag—as they take on penis-armed (literally) villain the Sperminator, who is hell-bent on spreading his brand of STD-infected love to everyone in town.

Players will be asked a series of STD and sex-related questions. Right answers result in the Sperminator’s seed being repelled back at him, while a wrong answer can lead to your avatar being infected.

Shaya Dhinsa, Manager of Sexual Health at the Middlesex-London Health Unit, on the game:

Reaching teens and youth is a huge challenge for us, that’s why we worked directly with them to develop a resource that would catch their attention while providing important information in a fun way.

The game was developed in conjunction with Mind Your Mind, a London-based, nonprofit organization, with support from the Perth District Health Unit.

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  1. vellocet says:

    It’s probably some teacher’s idea who made some students put it together.  I think it’s crude and patronizing.

  2. Valdearg says:

    First of all, I do agree with you.. It’s kind of annyoing that the two female characters in this game are an abstinent virgin and someone who caught an STD. It creates a false dichotomy, and tells the player, IF you have sex, you WILL catch an STD, which is why you need to get tested. It’s exactly the idiotic line of thinking that created our sexually restrictive society.

    Second of all: There’s a game called "Vagina Hero"?? Wtf?

  3. RavenMitah says:

    I find the character’s description to be preachy not because of some elaborate anti-woman conspiracy, but because it’s an apt description of what’s taught in all failing abstinence only programs that are religion backed.  Whether one of the guys had it, doesn’t matter.  It’s still preachy to me, contradictory, and it really irks me.  This is what bothers me the most.

    The second thing with Power Pap isn’t such a big deal to me, but I still noticed it.  Yes, I am a feminist, and damn proud of it, but I’m not a feminazi.  I don’t get upset over things like Vagina Hero and Fat Princess.  I get upset over real issues, like set-up rapes to shame women into being suicide bombers in the Middle East.  I don’t notice most "feminazi" issues in a game until they bring it up (and even when they do-I don’t agree), yet I still spotted this one.  I guarantee if some of the feminist blogs get wind of it, they’re going to be pissed.  Me?  Eh, the game is good at what it’s trying to achieve, so no big deal.


  4. Pinworm says:

    oh get over yourself, not every single thing in this world is an elaborate conspiracy to make women feel bad about sex. Jesus christ. 

  5. RavenMitah says:

    I think the game is pretty damn funny in a stupid way, and I think it’s a good attempt at getting a safe sex message out, but the character description of "Wonder Vag" really bothers me.  From the game:

    "Wonder Vag is a virgin, believes in true love, and promotes abstinence until marriage."

    Honestly, it kinda ticks me off, for couple reasons.

    1) It’s a site about providing acurate health information, not preaching.

    2) The other female character’s description mentions that she’s a sexually active female that ended up with a STI and got treatment, now she promotes testing regularly.  That’s great, testing is important, but now there’s a juxtaposition that the virgin girl is better than the girl who felt comfortable enough to have sex with more than one person in her whole life.  The male characters’ sexual histories aren’t even brought up in their discription (that being said, I love both the male characters… descriptions made me laugh).  Ugh.

    It may be that Wonder Vag’s and Power Pap’s characters were an attempt to relate to people who feel the same way/have had the same thing happen.  The same can be said about Willy, and males who feel pressure over the penis size issue. 

    Either way, reason one bothers me more than reason two. 

    Captain Condom is awesome though.  I wish all the characters were as hilarious.



  6. vellocet says:

     He gets people hooked on the three most effective and addictive drugs of all.  Hate, anger and fear.

    You know who else did that?  HITLER.

    I’m just sayin’  


  7. gellymatos says:

    He mostly says crap. He gets people hooked on either his one or two relatively intelligent ideas or less far-fetched bad ones, then keeps them hooked until he either offends them or until they die.

  8. hellfire7885 says:

    Alright then, and my sincere apologies for jumping the gun there. Just many view that as justification to do nothing, or there’s bigger idiots who think Jesus will be taking them off the planet anyway, no offense meant toward our resident christians.

  9. Valdearg says:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not necessarily opposed to Green Jobs/Environmental fixes. I just don’t think the problem is as dire as they make it seem. I’d still approve of Clean Jobs/Energy mandates.

  10. hellfire7885 says:

    Not to mentiont that if you look at it enogh, police, fire control, are socialsit in and of themselves.

  11. hellfire7885 says:

    Just because it’s unlikely to be a problem in our lifetime doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at changes now.

  12. Valdearg says:

    Your argument lost all credence when you called Obama’s style of Government "Maoist Socialism." You sound no better than Beck, at that point. Learn about his policies before you bash the man.

    Yes, Obama has some Socialist Ideas, but the countries that have implemented similar ideas, like Canada and most of Western Europe are healthy and thriving. Take healthcare, for example. Socialized Medicine in many Western European Countries has led to longer average life expectancies at half the cost of what the average consumer pays here in the united states. I mean, what’s wrong with that?

  13. Zerodash says:

    The far-left turn the Dems took in the US drove more people under the umbrella that opposes it. Unfortunately, this umbrella also includes a fair deal of kookery. That is the unfortunate side-effect of opposition.  The worst part is that both "sides" of American politics misinterpreted the meaning of the backlash against Obama.  Opposing Maoist Socialism is not an endorsement of "Conservative Valuse", but most right-leaning folk in the US have taken it that way, and guys like Glenn Beck are the loudest voices.

    Of course, the political situation in the US also underscores the worst of liberalism: those people started playing the race card (like they always so) the moment they lost "momentum".  And once again, they demonstrate how petty they are and how hollow their ideals are- just like conservatives. 

    And yet, the middle-ground, the only place where sensible ideas are, is ignored and overshadowed by lying blowhards like Glenn Beck, Hannity, Moore, and Al Gore.  That’s why I refuse to have friends with anyone who is a self-professed liberal or conservative- they are all bad people.

  14. Valdearg says:

    I love that your Straw Man use of Al Gore to distract from the fact that Glen Beck and his followers are idiots. Nobody here brought up Al Gore, because he wasn’t part of the conversation.

    Frankly, Gore is an idiot. I, personally, think that Global Warming could be a problem, in the future, but not in my lifetime, like Gore seems to think. To imply that all liberals look up to Gore is just as bad as I would be to imply that all Conservatives follow Beck in mindless droves.


  15. Valdearg says:

    LOL at your overreaction..

    It doesn’t take half a brain to see that Glen Beck is a complete psychopath. Therefore, I’d be forced to assume that anyone who takes Glen Beck Seriously lacks that half a brain. It’s a pretty easy assessment to make. By the way, I’ve not yet met ANYONE who watches Glen Beck on a serious basis that would qualify as sane and intelligent. Just sayin’..

    Also: Where did I say I enjoyed Michael Moore and Al Gore? Frankly Speaking, those two are also idiots. Granted, I don’t think they come even close to what Beck et al. are capable of, but hey, that’s a matter of opinion.

    As far as Ad Hominim attacks go, you should realize that I didn’t feel the need to write a thesis paper on why Glen Beck is an idiot and people who believe his tripe are also idiots. Instead, I felt like voicing my dislike of Beck and his minions, and I figured I’d let Beck make my argument for me on a daily basis.

  16. Thomas McKenna says:

    It was John Stewart, not Stephen Colbert.  But yes, that was a very good interview when you see the unedited version.

    But as far as Michael Moore and Al Gore not being on the same par as Glenn Beck and the like, I would have to disagree.  Both use lies and mistruths to try and sway their following masses into a furror.  It would be easy to show Michael Moore as being on the same level, but Al Gore, being a former Vice President and Nobel Prize winner, is a bit harder to put in the same light.  However, when questioned about the blatant mistruths in his documentary, Al Gore said that he had to stretch the truth to cause more people to panic over the state of the environment, and thus help the cause.

    So, he’s intentionally lying to you to influence your feelings and actions to be in favor of something he feels is important.  And yes, while I agree that the environment is something that should be protected, I don’t make money off of those wishing to be "more green."  Not only did Gore get $2 mil for being given a nobel prize for making that movie, but he also got a good slice of the profits, and makes quite a bit of money selling carbon credits for those guilty of polluting the planet.  I’m sorry, but such actions are akin to Glenn Beck stirring up unrest in the current economic situation to drive up the price of gold, when he gets paid as a spokesman for  Meanwhile, Al Gore uses nearly 20x the electricity annually than the average family, and flies around in a private jet, using his self bought carbon credits to make it "ok."

    These are not the actions one should look up to.

  17. Lou says:

    I partialy agree with you. But comparing Michael Moore and Al Gore with the likes of Glenn Beck , Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin is not a fair assesment. It’s like comparing Jack Thompson with Leland Yee. Both are bad but one is far worse than the other. But I agree with you on one thing These whack jobs make Bill O’Reilly sound rational but then again like Stephen Colbert said to O’Reilly during an interview "I think you are the most rational person on fox news, but that’s like being the thinnest kid on fat camp".

  18. Thomas McKenna says:

    "The problem is that the 25-30% of the country that actually take him seriously and listen to his every word are ALSO Blithering idiots."

    Yeah…demeaning and demonizing people who don’t agree with you is a very rational thing to do.  That’s sarcasm, by the way.  Now, I’ll make it clear that I don’t like Glen Beck, the way he does things, or what he says.  He makes O’Reily look rational, and that’s a scary thing.  However, I can’t simply condone the dismissal of hard core Republicans as blithering idiots.  Hell, from what I’ve seen, the 30% to the left are just as retarded.  Meanwhile your ad hominim attacks smack as equally irrational as the things he says on his nightly show.

    "He takes the dumbest and most easily manipulated people in this country and riles them up using lies and fearmongering. They eat up every word he says, without bothering to check the validity of his statements, then beg him for more."

    Michael Moore and Al Gore.  Which dems fact check either of those two?  Hell, just mentioning that Al Gore might have done his "documentary" (sorry, but a lecture in front of a camera, and an above average slide show does not make a documentary) for self-interest gets waves of vitriol.  You get a similar response when you try to argue the exagerations of Michael Moore with one of his fans.

    You lash out at someone you don’t agree with, using valid reasons for your dislike, yet you conveniently ignore the cases where the exact same thing is true for people you just so happen to agree with.  And hell, you may not agree with them, but yet you don’t acknowledge that people on the left can be just as blind and stupid when toting party lines as republicans.

    You are painfully partisan, and those like you – both on the right and the left – are fueling the problems of America.

  19. Lou says:

    Just becuase a book is "best seller" it doesn’t mean that a lot of people buy them specially if those books are from pundits or celebrities. Political parties, fan clubs among other groups buy those books in bulk and send them to their donors/fans as a gift and this happens on both sides. Unfortunately they count as "sold units" so they do end up in the best seller lists. And radio raitings are skewed as hell and I’m not 100% sure that Arbitron is using the PPMs on all markets.

    And you can’t really dismiss him either. Unlike the local nutjob this guy has a mic, a media entity wreckless enough to broadcast his retarded rethorics and viewers/listeners dumb enough to listen to him and spread his hate. And yes this is dangerous

  20. vellocet says:

    He’s got five #1 New York Times Best Selling books, his radio show is ranked 4th in the nation with over six and a half million listeners and his Fox program draws more viewers than all three of the competing time-slot shows on CNN, MSNBC and HLN combined.

    I think that dismissing him as irrational and stupid (though true) is dangerous.

  21. Valdearg says:

    Lol, I think that when someone’s reached the point where they actually take him seriously, they can no longer be considered rational. Rationality and Glen Beck are Mutually exclusive.

  22. Lou says:

    I agree with you everything except the percentage part. I could say that less than 10% of the country taken that idiot seriously. I find it sad that a rational human being can actually take him seriously.


  23. Valdearg says:

    The problem is that the 25-30% of the country that actually take him seriously and listen to his every word are ALSO Blithering idiots. He takes the dumbest and most easily manipulated people in this country and riles them up using lies and fearmongering. They eat up every word he says, without bothering to check the validity of his statements, then beg him for more.

  24. vellocet says:

    Keep your wingnuts out of our country!

    Especially Glenn Beck… can someone explain his popularity to a non-american?  To the rest of the world he looks like a blithering idiot.  And it scares us to death that anyone takes him seriously.

  25. Valdearg says:

    I’m not necessarily offended by what you’re saying. Believe me, as far as sexuality goes, there isn’t much that will offend me.

    Just letting you know that you kind of come off kind of like that guy on the train wearing only a trenchcoat when you talk about fighting penis-armed tentacle monsters to save the girls in a Japanese Dating Sim. It’s just odd that you don’t seem to recognize that Japanese Dating Sims are designed with really one person in mind, the creepy, perpetually single pervert.

  26. TBoneTony says:

    To be honest, I felt that most of my comments have been quite fair, even though they are a bit Otakuish,

    Ok, if you don’t like my comments, then don’t read them, there is nothing forcing you to read them.


    Also after having enough time to play that game, I did well in answering the questions, still quite good for something as a sex education game. Still, if you don’t like a bad guy who penis hands or if you think that it looks too dirturbing for you, then don’t play the game if you don’t want to.


    :2nd Eddit:


    Also sorry if my comments offended anyone, it is only just an idea I had if I ever were in Japan’s game development. At least I thought about a game to SAVE anime girls instead of doing something else, so it never really came to me that I could have said something wrong at all considering the topic of the sex education game had a bad guy with penis arms and you had to defeat him. Sorry again if it was off topic.

  27. RavenMitah says:

    I highly doubt the villian was chosen to be a penis armed man out of misandry.  Biologically speaking, it’s a lot easier for a penis to shoot out STDs to infect the city than it is for a vagina, right?  Normally you have to stick something IN one to get infected…. I mean, I suppose that a vagina villian could "eat" people, but I think it’d be a little too violent than what this silly game was aiming for.  I dunno, maybe it just made sense to me…


  28. DarkSaber says:

    You do know Ontario is in Canada, not the UK or US, right?


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  29. Zerodash says:

    Sounds a bit misandric, which is par for the course these days in the US and UK.  Imagine the fervor if the villan was armed with a vagina?  We wouldn’t want to tread on the women = good, men = bad concept now, would we?

  30. Valdearg says:

    "Love the game, maybe this should also be used in a Japanese Dating Sim game, where you have to protect anime girls against a person with a penis gun."

    Comments like these are the kind that make people slowly back away from someone. You’ve made a few of them in the past few weeks. It seems like your "Creepy" speech filter might need to be replaced.

  31. TBoneTony says:

    Love the game, maybe this should also be used in a Japanese Dating Sim game, where you have to protect anime girls against a person with a penis gun.

    Love the concept, and a great way to make a topic on STDs and Safe Sex that really needs to be supported these days especilly with teenage pregnancy and AIDS always being around since…like…1960 and maybe even before that before aids was even named as a seriuos health issue.


  32. Kincyr says:

    except the Sperminator would’ve either had Ahnold’s voice or have been called Dick Arm-ey in order to meet the immaturity quota of Newgrounds caliber

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  33. Lou says:

    Um…. wow… that whole concept is hillarious but at the same time incredibly disturbing.

    And people bitch about Rapelay????

  34. Adamas Draconis says:

    Ok I’m gonna have to check it out just to see how one is "penis-armed"

    And I’m surprised no one’s commented on the picture. Sticky indeed.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  35. Bloodharp says:

    I think he just didnt notice the Ontario after London. I thought it was England as well til i read the comments so it is easy to confuse.

    In war, truth is the first casualty.

  36. Valdearg says:

    Ok.. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that "Penis Armed Villian Teaches Youths about STD’s" might be one of the funniest headlines I’ve ever read on GP..

    Also: "Adventures in Sex City will have players assume the role of one of four characters—Captain Condom, Power Pap, Willy the Kid or Wonder Vag—as they take on penis-armed (literally) villain the Sperminator, who is hell-bent on spreading his brand of STD-infected love to everyone in town."

    is probably the funniest paragraph I’ve ever read on GP.. Lmao!

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