Gamers4Croydon Fills Out Slate of Candidates

Gamers4Croydon, the Australian political party formed with the goal of knocking incumbent South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson out of office, recently revealed a handful of new candidates.

Kat Nicholson, the group’s candidate for Croydon, and Gamers4Croydon President Chris Prior, who is running for Legislative Council, were the first two candidates to emerge from the group, back in January of this year.

The latest political hopefuls to be unveiled include:

  • Tom Birdseye – Candidate for Adelaide and Deputy Treasurer of Gamers4Croydon. A Mechatronic Engineer, Tom is described as “an advocate for parental responsibility, government transparency, and common sense legislation ahead of vested interests.”
  • David Egge – Candidate for Norwood and Deputy President of Gamers4Croydon. Egge is an R&D Engineer and believes in “accountability, responsibility, liberty, and putting people before politics.”
  • Matt Allpress – Candidate for Light and Deputy Registered Officer of Gamers4Croydon. Allpress is owner of an IT consultancy group.
  • Ben Ernst – Candidate for Mawson and a Civil Engineer and Software Developer. Ernst hopes “that his future children deserve to grow up in an Australia where they can be assured of their freedoms, where legislation is sensible and where government serves the people.”

The group’s policy section also appears to have recently been filled out. Among the measures Gamers4Croydon supports are: opposition to mandatory Internet filtering, a ban on political advertising that uses public funds, a repeal of legislation that restricts the display of R18+ DVDs and marriage equality.

Gamers4Croydon also supports measures that would make it illegal for politicians to “lie about matters of public importance.” To that end the group stated:

Your freedom of choice is being eroded each and every time a politician lies, bends the truth or is creative with the facts. Politicians need to be judged on what they can deliver, not the tales they can tell. Legislation to punish politicians for deceiving the public would go a long way toward making that a reality.

Does it sound like they are referring to anyone in particular?

Thanks Ryan!

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