Cops Responding to Alarm Hit Wrong Door, Cuff Developers

Police responding to a report of a burglary inadvertently went to the wrong door and handcuffed a group of game developers.

Denver-based IllFonic was the recipient of the unwarranted armed visit, which GamePron details on their website. The developer’s studio is right next to a medical marijuana dispensary, which was where the alarm was triggered from (probably not the first time or the last either). GamePron also has an embedded YouTube video of the whole incident as captured by a surveillance camera. The developers were cuffed, but quickly released once their identities were verified.

The IllFonic team was remarkably forgiving about the incident, thanking the officers for their quick response and writing that, “In their [the cops] defense, our address and logo is on the front door, and they came to our back door.”

IllFonic is currently at work on a game called Ghetto Golf, which MTV described as “Grand Theft Auto meets Tiger Woods PGA.”

At the very least they will get some free press for their game, so it’s not a total loss.

|Via Bluesnews|

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