First Lady Launches App Competition

As part of her Let’s Move campaign to end childhood obesity, First Lady Michelle Obama is on the hunt for games that encourage kids to be more physically active and to make better choices about what they eat.

The Apps for Healthy Kids competition officially starts accepting submissions today and will offer up $40,000 in prizes to the winners across two categories—tool and games. Applications will be judged by both the public and an all-star panel that includes Entertainment Software Association (ESA) President Michael Gallagher, LucasArts Engineer Eric Johnson, Zybga’s Mark Pincus and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Judging ends on July 14, 2010.

The top app in each category will receive $10,000. Public Choice winners in each category will win $4,500 each. Submissions must use the USDA nutrition dataset in order to qualify. Entries should operate on “any software platform broadly available to the public.”

The submission period ends on June 30 and all entries must feature at least one of the following concepts:

  • Teaching kids to eat more whole grain
  • Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Focusing on consuming more low- or non-fat milk
  • Choosing lean sources of protein (such as meat and beans)
  • Making food group education fun
  • Understanding calories and energy balance
  • Increasing choices of foods with high nutrition value and decreasing amounts of foods with solid (saturated) fats and added sugars (i.e., "extra" calories), and decreasing amounts of sodium
  • Identifying and consuming proper food portion sizes
  • Being more physically active
  • Balancing physical activity and food intake
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