Left Behind Turns Water into Wine with Chick-fil-A Promotion

Left Behind Games, which recently merged with fellow Christian game publisher Digital Praise, will see its titles now sold in Berean Christian Stores.

The agreement came about as a result of a recent trial marketing program that took place last year, which saw four “Family Video Game Night” events take place at Chick-fil-A restaurants in California.  The events allowed attendees to try out games for free and receive a 20.0 percent off coupon to be used at a neighboring Berean store. The promotions resulted in 30 games per week sold and $2,500 in monthly sales at a single store, prompting the expansion of the promotion to the remaining Berean locations.

Left Behind hopes to use the strategy at any of the 1,400 Chick-fil-A locations that are in close proximity to the 18 Berean storefronts, or other Christian stores.

Myron Detweiler, VP of Merchandising at Berean Christian Stores stated:

We have never had so much success selling computer games, but, as a result of the Left Behind Games marketing program, we’ve seen an increase in traffic and sales. Their two-fold strategy involves (1) a Chick-fil-A Video Game Night event held at a local restaurant promoting the games for sale in a local store, and (2) having a Left Behind Games Sales Representative in our store on the weekends to assist us with demonstrating and selling the video games.

Berean has stores in Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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    Chaltab says:

    Not only that, but the brand of Christianity promoted by the Left Behind series is inextricably political. You can’t seperate the Evangelical Dispensationalist views of the end times from the current political climate in the Middle East, even if you had Gordon Freeman’s crowbar.


  2. 0
    Magic says:

    In the current climate, one can daresay religion is part of politics, rightly or wrongly.

    That and GP is showing what seems to be a relatively slight rise in Christian gaming.

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    thefremen says:

    If you want evangelism with your fast food, try In-N-Out burger instead. Yeah it will kill you much faster but Animal Style Fries are epicly awesome and literally everything great about America. 

  4. 0
    Zerodash says:

    Hopefully it will work well enough for them to create more interest in this type of marketing- I loved the Burger King games (for what they’re worth).

    That said, I don’t go to Chick-Fil-A specifically because of their religious affiliation. 

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