God of War Copyright Infringement Case Dismissed

David Jaffe can breathe a little easier today. According to the embattled developer, Bissoon Dath v. SCEA and David Jaffe, a copyright infringement lawsuit over various themes in the God of War series, was dismissed by a federal court judge last week.

Some sites are mistakenly reporting that the case was settled; however the judge’s order clearly indicates that the dismissal is the result of a successful motion by SCEA and Jaffe for summary judgment, and therefore a victory for Jaffe.

It remains to be seen whether there will be a subsequent battle for attorney’s fees and costs, which presumably have racked up over the year and a half long litigation. Other than publishing the judge’s order, Jaffe’s only statement on his blog was "…".

The full judgment can be viewed here (PDF), via The Hollywood Reporter.

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