Silent Hunter 5 CE Recalled in Germany

A German website (translated) is reporting that the Collector’s Edition of Ubisoft’s Silent Hunter 5 PC game has been recalled in Germany due to the appearance of “anticonstiutional symbols” in the game.

This would indicate that some type of Nazi symbol or imagery was left in the local edition of the game, which is verboten according to German laws. Edge received confirmation from Ubisoft that the game’s standard edition was not recalled, only the special edition.

Activision suffered the same fate last year in Germany with its Wolfenstein game. It was forced was forced to recall the title because it featured a swastika.

This snafu is just the latest for Ubisoft, which has suffered from a negative reaction to its DRM technology and had its DRM servers attacked by hackers twice in the past week.

|Via BluesNews|

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    sirdarkat says:

     As a counter point you do realize that the swastika is not by some right owned by Hitler and his regime.  Wanting those laws repelled doesn’t some how automatically make you a Nazi-sympathizer.    Frankly it disgusts me that a symbol that was utilized by many organizations before Hitler (and many use still after him) get a slap in the face because one western culture was a dick while using it.  Yes, the laws were ingrained during the rebuilding of Germany.  NO, they don’t have to keep those laws anymore.

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    Afirejar says:

    These laws are older than the Federal Republic of Germany, and date back to 1945, when they were created by the Allied Control Authority. Apparently, the US thought "absolutely forbidding the simplest imagery of that regime" was a pretty good idea to move away from a strict totalitarian regime. It’s also not really that easy to get rid of constitutional laws that almost noone but Nazi-sympathizers actually wants to get rid of.

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    DarkSaber says:

    My grandad shot your grandad, your argument is irelevent.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

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    Afirejar says:

    Frankly, from a German point of view, all you do at this point is making idiots of yourselves. You probably think you’re witty. You’re not. You’re just blatantly ignorant. You know nothing of present day Germany, and it’s painfully obvious.

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    Afirejar says:

    Apparently, there’s a tiny swastika on a small stamp on a small section of a document that’s visible on page 27 of some "official guide" that’s only in the Collector’s Edition. Nothing in game.

    It’s all a bit ridiculous in my opinion, and I doubt that something this minor would have lead to anything. Our courts have better things to do.

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    chadachada321 says:

    Reminds me of…

    German Tour Guide: You vill find more on Germany’s contributions to ze arts in ze pamphlets ve have provided.
    Brian : Yeah, about your pamphlet… uh, I’m not seeing anything about German history between 1939 and 1945. There’s just a big gap.
    Tour guide: Everyone vas on vacation! On your left is Munich’s first city hall, erected in 15…
    Brian : Wait, what are you talking about? Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and…
    Tour Guide: We were invited! Punch vas served! Check vit Poland.
    Brian : You can’t just ignore those years. Thomas Mann fled to America because of Nazism’s stranglehold on Germany.
    Tour guide: Nope, nope. He left to manage a Dairy Queen.
    Brian : A Dairy Queen? That’s preposterous.
    Tour guide: I vill hear no more insinuations about the German people! Nothing bad happened! Sie werden sich hinsetzen! Sie werden ruhig sein! Sie werden nicht beleidigen Deutschland!

    -Optimum est pati quod emendare non possis-It is best to endure what you cannot change-

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    Thomas McKenna says:

    I’m fairly certain he did it as a joke.

    But yes, no better way of moving away from a strict totalitarian regieme than absolutely forbidding the simplest imagery of that regieme.  Great strides!

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    tacc says:

    "which is verboten according to"

    Did this german word really made its way into the english language or is it just a little joke?


    The symbol, a swastika, was somewhere in the back of the manual by the way.

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