Videogame Attack Ads

While political attack ads are common place, in the U.S. anyway, it’s still a bit out of the norm when publishers take each other in their marketing programs and today we offer two such examples for your perusal.

Remember the ill-received F.A.G.S. video designed to tout Modern Warfare 2? It decried grenade-spam in the game and featured Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels. Well, EA has created a spoof of the F.A.G.S. video designed to highlight its new release Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Sponsored by F.R.A.G.S. (Friends Really Against Grenade Spam), the spot has its own MLB hurler—New York Yankee CC Sabathia—and takes dead aim against MW2.

Sabathia offers that, “In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 grenade spam isn’t going to prove quite as effective as one might find in competing games of this particular genre, not with destructible buildings, adrenaline pumping weapons and more vehicles than you can count.”

EA even took pains to label their spoof as a video response to the F.A.G.S. video.

One game taking shots at another is fun and all, but console makers throwing stones at each other takes it to another level. A new Sony spot for the PlayStation Move motion controller takes quite a few jabs at Microsoft’s Project Natal.

The spot features fictitious Sony spokesman Kevin Butler, VP of Realistic Movements (this time), in the future (November 2010).  While a gamer puts PlayStation Move through its paces in the background, Butler notes that, “PlayStation Move is not only crazy precise, it’s also got, what we in the future call, buttons.” Project Natal, of course, lacks buttons or any controllers at all.

Butler states that the buttons “turn out to be pretty important to those handful of millions of people who enjoy playing shooters and platformers, or anything that doesn’t involve catching a big red ball.” The “red ball” comment is another shot at Microsoft; popular demonstrations of Project Natal often involve the game Ricochet, which has users slap red balls against a series of targets.

Butler continues, asking, “Who wants to pretend their hand is a gun… what is this, third grade?”

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    KayleL says:

    Even though there are these attack ads (which some are quite funny) I think the gaming industry is one of the most co-operative media industries.

    You especially see this during April fools day. Altair in MGS4, a Weighted Companion Cube ripping bodies in God of War, IGN making a Zelda movie trailer.

    You would never see this in another industry unless it’s a planned series and great amount of money involved.

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    sharpshooterbabe says:

    I find these videos hilarious! 😀



    "It’s better to be hated for who you are, then be loved for who you are not." – Montgomery Gentry

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    gellymatos says:

    Looks like Bad Company 2 ad is following the original Bad Company commericals in poking fun at other games and companies.

    Here’s a few from the original Bad Company and what they made fun of.   = Metal Gear solid series (seems to nod a bit towards MGS4)   = Rainbow Six Vegas = Gears of War commerical with song "mad world"

    Here’s the original Gears of War commericial for a comparison:



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    jedidethfreak says:

    The only thing I don’t like about Sony doing motion control is that when Nintendo announced it, Sony was the first company to say it was a toy not meant for serious gaming, and when Nintendo just kicks their asses, they decide to copy it.

    Apparently, getting bled dry because you charged too much for your crappy system makes you reconsider your stance on toys.

    You KILL Vampires. You don’t DATE them.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Heh, just my opinion, but none of it’s nearly as bad as wearing a clunky video visor or running in a giant hamster ball.

    At least Natal is ahead by not needing you to hold anything and supporting voice.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Hey, say what you want about "buying a playoff berth," but the Twins have been the lowest-paid team in baseball for God knows how long, and they’ve been a team not to be underestimated for some time.

    Imagine what they’d do if the owner actually spent some money.

    You KILL Vampires. You don’t DATE them.

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    Valdearg says:

    I laughed at the CC Sabathia vid. It’s just a shame the Yankees bought him, too. How long will it be before they actually set some salary caps and make the MLB competative again? That way, we won’t have the Yankees buying World Series Championships, or at least playoff berths, every freaking year.

    Also: I personally think these attack ads are quite funny. If a company wants to jab at another company, why stop them? I mean, identifying the shortfalls of a certain company’s games or hardware is part of the process of informing the consumer, right?

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    Erik says:

    The PS3.  It only

    Gets beat by the arm flailing remote and the pew pew pew finger gun.

    I really did used to like Sony.  But anymore they are stuck in some fantasy world where their ego prevents them from realizing that they are not on top.  But they still act as if they are.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

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