Zombie Pro R18+ Rally Planned

The Facebook group Aus Gamers United is planning a public demonstration against the lack of an R18+ videogame ratings category in Australia which will feature a twist; all the participants will be dressed as zombies.

The same group conducted a similar event last year, but this year’s already looks to be monumentally bigger. The November 2009 march (video here) had 177 confirmed guests, while the new rally, scheduled for March 27, boasts 1,123 confirmed guests. The Epic Zombie March March is scheduled to kick off an Sydney’s Hyde Park Fountain at 11:00 AM and run through 4:00 PM.

Urging people to “get your lurch on,” the event’s organizer wrote:

…the serious reason we’re putting the walk together is for the lack of an R rating for video games we have here in Aus. Someone needs to bring to attention how unfair this is to the gaming Industry and gamers ourselves.  So why not us?

A similar 2009 demonstration organized by retailer Gametraders for South Australia intended to have participants don cosplay outfits. The event was later cancelled and the cosplay aspect of the proceedings was widely mocked.

So the question remains, do zombies outweigh people dressed as videogame characters when it comes to effective public demonstrations?

|Via ComputerWorld|

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  1. DarkSaber says:

    Isn’t this the OPPOSITE of "Grow Up Australia"?


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  2. sharpshooterbabe says:

    The can dance to Thriller and Monster Mash!!! 😀



    "It’s better to be hated for who you are, then be loved for who you are not." – Montgomery Gentry

  3. Flamespeak says:

    Will this change the minds of people already opposed to the bill? No, however it will make more people aware of the bill. I gotta admit, if I see zombies on the news I am gonna stop channel surfing. Never know when the Zombie Apocolypse might kick off.

  4. Magic says:

    The protest isn’t to change minds over the issue, it really is just to highlight it and make others aware. People can form their own opinions from there.

  5. gamegod25 says:

    So then you really think that something like this will be taken seriously and change people’s minds?

  6. Flamespeak says:

    "There is such a thing as bad publicity."

    No, there isn’t.

    Even if the media and the people think that their actions are silly at best it draws attention to their cause when there might not be any otherwise. For example, I wouldn’t have gone and watched the ridiculous ‘Da Vinci Code’ movie if it weren’t for the 100+ protesters in my small town trying to convince others to boycott it. It made me curious as to what the beef was.


  7. Wormdundee says:

    Ugh, what is wrong with these people? You’re playing straight into Atkinson’s hands by dressing up in any way. His whole reasoning behind denying the 18 rating is that it’s only a small amount of people who want it and it doesn’t really affect normal adults. You want results? Dress up in your damn work clothes. A group of 1000 people in suits, work casual, construction stuff, etc. will show that it’s regular people (particularly responsible adults) who are being affected by the lack of an 18 rating.

    And really, if there wasn’t a single person in those 1,123 who realized that dressing up like zombies is a horrible idea you have to wonder if they deserve to get what they want.

  8. chadachada321 says:

    As long as over 1000 people show up, I think that it will be a success. A few people dressed as zombies is a failure, but a thousand people dressed as zombies will show that there IS a lot of support for this.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    -Optimum est pati quod emendare non possis-It is best to endure what you cannot change-

  9. Zerodash says:

    You know what?  Maybe Austrailia doesn’t deserve an R18 rating.  Between the cosplay thing that almost happened, the G4C "constitution" rife with game quotes, and now this the entire thing seems silly.

    Convincing old people that gamers should be treated like mature adults isn’t gonna happen with childish stunts.

  10. Kojiro says:

    This is a terrible idea.  It’s very easy for the stiffs who would be voting on this thing to blow these people off as a bunch of crazies at best, or kids-that-never-grew-up at worst.

    The best thing to do is to rally in your regular adult cloths.  A group of men and women wearing their work uniforms (whatever that may be) will have more of an impact and show people "look, regular adults use electronic entertainment."

  11. Valdearg says:

    You know, I’m beginning to suspect that the people of Australia don’t actually know how to put together a normal protest. You know, gather a bunch of people and wave signs/shout things… I’d imagine it would be taken more seriously if people didn’t actually dress up.

    But, hey, that’s just my opinion, lol.

  12. Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    And this is gonna to help because…? This is just stupid. I understand the need to make manifestations with lagers numbers of people, but cosplay is just ridiculous in this case.

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  13. gameman9 says:

    do zombies outweigh people dressed as videogame characters when it comes to effective public demonstrations?


    No. I don’t think this any better than the cosplay one.

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