Steam Users See SecuROM Removed from Bad Company 2

EA’s popular squad-based shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 recently received a patch to remove the much-maligned SecuROM DRM.

Sounds great right? Well, hold off on the celebration, because there’s a bit of a caveat. The patch, which comes with a number of bug fixes and interface changes, will only remove SecuROM for Steam users. Retail owners of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are still out of luck, at least for the time being.  Steam users will find themselves using Valve’s internal DRM, which is a significant improvement.

This isn’t the first time that EA has retreated from SecuROM in their games; most gamers remember the debacle over Spore, and both Mass Effect games had their SecuROM DRM scaled back as well. Including the software at launch and then removing it with a patch a few weeks later seems to be the running trend for EA; we’ll see if it continues throughout their 2010 releases.

Another case where waiting pays a dividend for at least some gamers tired of DRM.

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    GrimCW says:

    tbh since suckurom pulled the constant internet connection thing and made 5 activations vs 3, as well as opted a deactivation tool.

    i don’t mind them, and will support it.

    now Ubi’s bullox always connected for SINGLE PLAYER ONLY games, i refuse.

    i actually did a two birds one stone take on AC2 and got it used for $35 bux at a local gamestop (norm price is $54 used) so Ubi didn’t get jack.

     i won’t fall for this project $10 dollar stuff companies are pulling, that stuff adds NOTHING to the game that i can see. the ME2 content for example, it had no bearing on the rest of the game at all, sure it closed (terribley mind you) some parts of the old story, but that aside it added nothing if you don’t get cerberus network out of the box.

    TBH SP only games hardly lose/gain anything over a small change here or there, and maybe a new mission. Unless of course its like Oblivions PC version where game altering mods have been made by the fans. usually anything company made is just trash and negligible for a good user mod.

    i think the only one that really got my eye was Socom FireTeam Bravo 3 and its lack of MP out of the used bin.

    TBH handhelds and MP aren’t worth it IMO, but if they did that to full games that’d be murder to the industry IMO. i’d actually hang up my gaming addiction and go full time  hunting/model kit building instead. (neither of which would support the economy much, since most of the kits i buy are OOP, and hunting.. well food for me, no money for the stores besides the ammo shop)

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    Magic says:

    To be honest, I haven’t had any problems with the BC2 DRM, as in it hasn’t negatively affected my experience. The initial state of the servers on the launch weekend was god awful, and is a far more contentious issue with EA, but has somewhat improved at least.

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    Freyar says:

    It’s all good and dandy. A lot of people were complaining on the forums that the utilities to de-authorize and such were getting in the way, as well as complaints from the game not "having the CD" despite being a digital copy.

    All in all that’s a good day though. Makes troubleshooting for people that much easier.


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    jedidethfreak says:

    So, you’re admitting that if you wanted the game, you’d have pirated it before Steam took out the DRM?

    You KILL Vampires. You don’t DATE them.

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    SeanB says:

     My copy never had DRM in it.

    okay i’m joking, i dont actually play Bad Company 2, i’ve actually never heard of it. But if i did, i woulnd’t have used a Secure Rom version.

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