Steam Users See SecuROM Removed from Bad Company 2

EA’s popular squad-based shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 recently received a patch to remove the much-maligned SecuROM DRM.

Sounds great right? Well, hold off on the celebration, because there’s a bit of a caveat. The patch, which comes with a number of bug fixes and interface changes, will only remove SecuROM for Steam users. Retail owners of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are still out of luck, at least for the time being.  Steam users will find themselves using Valve’s internal DRM, which is a significant improvement.

This isn’t the first time that EA has retreated from SecuROM in their games; most gamers remember the debacle over Spore, and both Mass Effect games had their SecuROM DRM scaled back as well. Including the software at launch and then removing it with a patch a few weeks later seems to be the running trend for EA; we’ll see if it continues throughout their 2010 releases.

Another case where waiting pays a dividend for at least some gamers tired of DRM.

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