Activists Launch Game against Tar Sands Development

A group against the development of Canada’s oil-rich Tar Sands is attempting to draw attention to their stance through the release of a simple online Flash game.

Thought up by the Polaris Institute and created by Insidious Design, the game, named Tarnation, lets players shoot oil at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper  and Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff. Once the pair has been doused with enough light, sweet crude, players can sign their name to an email to the two pols, which states that “The tar sands represent the wrong direction for Canada.”

The Polaris Institute claims that extracting petroleum from the Athabasca Tar Sands, located in Northern Alberta, produces three times the greenhouse gas emissions of conventional oil and gas production. The group further states that the tar sands are now “poised to become Canada’s largest single emitter of greenhouse gas,” while “tar sands production is expected to multiply as much as four to five times by the year 2015 to meet growing demands in the U.S.”

Tony Clarke, Executive Director of the Polaris Institute, added, “All Canadian political leaders have a role to play in this discussion, but right now Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff need the most help in re-thinking their support for the tar sands.”

Greenpeace seems to agree with The Polaris Institute, as the group released a report on the oil sands last year entitled How the Tar Sands Are Fueling the Global Climate Crisis (PDF).

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