The ECA will again be sponsoring panel discussions at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). Tomorrow will be “Grassroots: Why Gamers are Getting Involved and Why You Should Too” in the Naga Theatre at 2 p.m. Panelists include: Joseph Donovan (Managing Director, Nelson Mullins Public Strategies), Joel Bartlett (Associate Director of Marketing, PETA), Adam Conner (Associate Manager, Facebook), and Brett Schenker, (Online Advocacy Manager, ECA). They’ll be discussing how consumers can fight back and get engaged in such issues as digital rights, DRM, fair use, and a host of broader policy and legislative issues and how your involvement is received and what it does to effect change.

The second panel will see G4TV’s Adam Sessler and ECA’s Hal Halpin do another casual one-on-one interview about the sector as a whole. Revisiting the popular discussion they had at PAX West in September, topics will likely range from the right’s issues surrounding digital distribution, 3D technology’s impact on gaming and how it’ll change the consumer experience and the trend in publishers requiring server connectivity as an anti-piracy measure. The “Hal Halpin and Adam Sessler Talkin Games” panel is Saturday evening at 7 p.m. in the Manticore Theatre and may be taped to air at a later date on Xplay.

Disclosure: GamePolitics is a publication of the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA).

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    Brett Schenker says:

    As Joel pointed out when he did the panel at PAX in September and at PAX East, it was an individual who did the games.  They didn’t hire a company to design it, or drop tons of money on it.  It was one person, with a passion and talent that put them together, which shows and individual can do amazing things and produce some pretty compelling content for causes they care about.

    Brett Schenker

    Online Advocacy Manager

    the ECA

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    JDKJ says:

    Why would the experiences of an organization – and a membership-rich and well-funded one at that – bear any relevance to the advocacy efforts of an individual? The result obtained by that sort of organization would not, in my estimation, have much of anything to do with the results an individual can or can’t obtain.

    What Joel really needs to disclose, if he’s in the mood for sharing secrets, is how PETA comes up with all that money in their war chest. That, more than anything else, may begin to explain their success. 

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    Brett Schenker says:

    Agree or disagree with their issues, the organization is doing a lot with video games and advocacy and Joel lays it out at how easy they accomplished it and how easy it is for individuals to do the same.  He gave a great presentation at PAX last year and I’m sure it’ll be just as good at PAX East.

    Brett Schenker

    Online Advocacy Manager

    the ECA

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    Thomas says:

    Out of all the people they could have gotten to be on the pannel.. they chose someone from PETA, a group of people routinely ridiculed and who engage in some of the most obnoxious and even violent tactics to promote their warped view of "animal welfare"?

    Tell me I’m reading it wrong, or that there is another PETA in some way connected to the video games industry?

    "We never paid any heed to the ancient prophecies… Like fools we clung to the old hatreds, and fought as we had for generations"

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    Speeder says:

    They really invited the same PETA that said that drinking milk causes autism?  (note: drinking milk has nothing to do with autism, and autism is not necessarily bad…)


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