Swiss Target Violent Games

A bit late to the party on this one, but it appears the Swiss are taking aim at violent games and have passed a couple of resolutions that could seriously impact franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

The Swiss National Council’s resolutions, passed a few days ago, are not law yet as the government must determine what constitutes inappropriate amounts of violence. According to Kotaku, the Socialist Party’s resolution seeks to "stop the manufacture, advertisement, importation and sale of any game that promotes as a means of advancement or ‘success’ acts of violence against humans or ‘human-like’ creatures." The resolution passed 19-12.

The second, by the Christian Democratic Party, wants to restrict the sale of violent shooters to children, and passed 27-1. 

But the article also points out a ray of sunshine:

Before you cry foul, please note that under Swiss law, any petition that can gather over 100,000 signatures must go to a national referendum. So if the government starts banning games willy-nilly, all it would take would be the signatures of 100,000 gamers (or, just as important, 100,000 opponents of government censorship) to have it publicly challenged.

We’ll be following this more to see if this censorship makes it through. It would be interesting to see the court challenge if this did become law. 

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