Tea Party Game? You Betcha!

Had enough of this “hope-y-change-y stuff?” Now ‘s your chance to fly a helicopter as Sara Palin and attempt to covert liberals to Tea Party members.

Palin’s Tea Bomber is a Flash-based game served up on AddictingGames.com, and features the ex-VP candidate flying through the skies yelling things like, “Here comes a whalin’ from the Palin,” and “I can see my house from here (and Russia too),”  while she drops tea bombs on “elitists”, including Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt and Tiger Woods.

Palin’s first boss battle in the game is against Rahm Emanuel, current President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff. The game bills Emanuel as “one of the world’s most legendary gangsters,” and charges players with drenching Chicago in chai tea in order to stop him.

Failing to eradicate Emanuel results in the proclamation, “Looks like all that book tour time has taken the edge off my shootin’ instincts.”

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