R18+ AU March March Draws 500+ Zombie Participants

A public demonstration against the lack of an R18+ rating in Australia, which featured marchers dressed as zombies, went off without a hitch—but with plenty of lurching—in Sydney over the weekend.

Rhys Wilson, head of the group Aus Gamers Limited which organized the protest, wrote on Facebook, “I want to thank each and every one of you guys for making yesterday easily one of the best days of my life. I haven’t heard any complaints from anyone, and I’m more than happy to do this again later in the year, assuming I’m not killed in a freak manure truck accident.”

IT Wire estimated the crowd of gathered ghouls at between 500 and 600 strong, easily surpassing a November 2009 similarly-themed march, which drew around 175 participants.

Australian gamers might be closer than ever to the introduction of an R18+ videogame rating following the resignation of South Australian Attorney General, and anti-game crusader, Michael Atkinson. His replacement, John Rau was called a “nice guy” and, more importantly, a supporter of R18+ by Gamers4Croydon President Chris Prior.  The addition of an R18+ rating category for games still requires a unanimous vote from all state, territory and federal Attorney Generals however.

Embedded video is from YouTube user psychaeus. A whole bunch of pictures from the event can be found in aceyspadey’s Photobucket account here.

Thanks Ryan!

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