Texas School Grants Back Wii-Based Initiatives

The Lindale Independent School District Education Foundation of Lindale, Texas has awarded grants to 23 teachers that will fund classroom projects, including two based around Nintendo’s Wii console.

The Early Childhood Center was one recipient; with teachers Cookie Hartley and June Wright (pictured) receiving $1,021.40 in order to fund their project called Wii Can Do It! The project utilizes Wii games as “therapy and instructional tools” for preschool students afflicted with disabilities. Use of the Wii will promote a way to “address educational goals and objectives in the areas of communication and academics” in the youngsters.

An additional $1,121.30 went to Cynthia Peters and Bobbie Williams of the Lindale Primary School for their project entitled Wii Fit, Wii Moving and Wii Happy. This program lets students “experience technology in a fun and creative way,” as they learn teamwork and build self-esteem, along with improving their “hand-eye coordination, balance, range of motion, gross motor skills, body awareness, and rhythm.”

All told, the Foundation gave out $13,802.36 in grants to fund six projects.

LISD Education Foundation President John Driver added, “The enthusiasm of the donors who went with us and the teachers who received grants made for a very exciting morning.”

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