More Woes for Ubi with Settlers 7

Gamers are once again taking to Ubisoft’s forums in order to bark about connectivity issues with the recent release Settlers 7.

While the game does feature Ubi’s DRM technology that requires a constant Internet connection, it appears this time around that the problem is related to authentication. The problem first reared its head in a thread on connectivity issues, in which many gamers complained about being unable to play the title. Some reported that, after starting Settlers 7 and seeing the game’s splash screen, a “server not available” message was presented, rendering the game unplayable.

A later thread collected details from those having problems, asking for an account name, location and ISP, where the game was purchased (retail or via Steam) and the time of the last login attempt. The majority of those listing their details in this thread were from Australia. An Ubi rep later updated the thread saying that the issue had been tracked down, writing, “it’s a problem that occurs when linking your keys to the multiplayer profile. Ubisoft GNS and TG-OPS are currently working on a solution – I’ll keep you updated.”

Settlers 7 owner boicupid wrote, “Why is it 6 days after release of this game in Australia we are still not able to play this game???” and “Why is it we cannot even play a single player game, that in theory shouldnt require an internet connection.”

Just to be fair, another user, named ipsumFR, wrote, “Well, I contacted the French ubi support yesterday. After asking me a lot about my network settings, they eventually asked for my CD key and my login. I don’t know if they did something with that or if they are working on their servers but now it just works, both on mac and pc.”


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