No Doubt Wins a Few Skirmishes in War with ATVI

The latest round in the battle between Activision and the band No Doubt, which centers on the depiction of the group in Band Hero, has gone to the Gwen Stefani-fronted quartet.

No Doubt originally sued the publisher for turning them into a “virtual karaoke circus act,” because of the game’s ability to use the likenesses of rockers while performing the music of other groups. Activision, for its part, countersued, claiming breach of contract and unjust enrichment by the band.

The LA Times reports that Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kenji Machida ruled in favor of No Doubt on two clauses: first, rejecting a shift of venue to a federal court (Activision had argued that the case centered on a copyright issue, which it felt justified the move), and second, “rejecting Activision’s effort to invoke freedom-of-speech protections under the 1st Amendment in defense of the broader use of the No Doubt avatars.”

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