Price of Ignoring ToS Details: Your Soul

Illustrating how few people pay attention to the terms and conditions of anything, UK retailer GameStation— as part of an April Fool’s gag—added a line to the fine print of its website that granted the souls of agreeing customers to the merchant.

The “Immortal Soul Clause,” as detailed by Bit-Tech, was slipped into a GameStation online sale promotion. 88.0 percent of the website visitors did not notice the clause and effectively signed away rights to an immaterial part of themselves (that may or may not exist).

Those who did notice the clause, and opted out, were awarded a £5 gift voucher.

For its part, GameStation said that it would not enforce the clause and plans to issue nullifications via email to those who were duped.

All in all, 7,500 customers reportedly signed away their souls.

|Image: Appalachian Soul Snatcher from Flickr|

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    Duffy says:

    Since I see the misconception thrown around a lot (and respecting jurisdiction of course) I thought I should mention that for the U.S. at least, EULAs are considered legally binding contracts so long as they pass the legal requirements surrounding contracts (this includes not violating any other laws).

    There has been no ruling against *all* EULA contracts, only specific cases where the contract in question violated contract or other laws. There have also been several cases where EULAs have been held up by courts. In the US it’s also relative to the specifc court district in question which way a case may go, unfortunate but true.

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    Ryno says:

    30 seconds? Have you seen how long some of those are? You’re not gonna get much from too many of them, especially MMOGs, if you just spend 30 seconds on it. It can take that long just to scroll through some of them to the bottom so you can hit accept.


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    jedidethfreak says:

    True, but in the modern world, people hide behind the fact that they aren’t legally binding to get away with whatever they want.

    You KILL Vampires. You don’t DATE them.

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    Matthew says:

    I seem to recall a gaming magazine once doing a similar thing with its cover CD. The click-through EULA signed over the rights to your home, which was revealed in the following month’s edition.

    It’s always worth reading the EULAs regardless of their legal standing. 30 seconds skimming paragraph by paragraph can tell you what sort of data the service will harvest from you/your computer, what they do with it, what the penalties are or may be for modding… that sort of thing.


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    chadachada321 says:

    …I’d sign away my soul in a contract. Surely some of the 88% that did sign it simply didn’t care about ridding themselves of that pesky soul (like me)?

    Funny story, though, hah.

    -Optimum est pati quod emendare non possis-It is best to endure what you cannot change-

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    Father Time says:

    Assuming they were told of the 5 pound certificate right away it was probably lower. If it happened to me I would run to my friends and tell them to get to that site and decline the EULA for 5 pounds.


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    Valdearg says:

    I’m amazed it’s as high as 12%… I can’t think of ANYONE who reads those things. I mean, when faced with the choice of reading a long, dry, document full of the standard legalese, or playing that awesome new game you got, I can’t think of anyone who would choose the former.

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    lordlundar says:

    Well, considering that TOS and EULAS are not considered legally binding contracts, I doubt Gamestation would be able to get the souls anyway. Besides, they’re going into Lucifer’s turf, and he’s got a killer legal team.

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