Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

April 19, 2010 -

Ubisoft is introducing a pair new initiatives for packaged games that will cut down on waste and improve the company’s green factor.

First, the company will eliminate the process of packaging paper game manuals in with their games, a move that would save about 180 tons of paper per year, or 2,300 acres of small forest, reports FastCompany. Manuals will go the digital route and will be able to be accessed through a game’s menu, which, in turn, will open up the design to become more interactive, as, "It will be up to individual developers making the games how rich the digital manuals will be."

This procedure will become the norm with the introduction of Shaun White Skateboarding this fall.

The company will also begin using 100% recycled polypropylene plastic for all of its PC titles, beginning with the release of Splinter Cell: Conviction on PC later this month. Rich Kubiszewski, Ubisoft's VP of Operations, added, “It is the first DVD case in the industry that is 100% recycled. The cases we previously used were recyclable, but they weren't made from recycled matter."

The same cases cannot be used for console games however, because the recycled plastic emerges black or gray, and dyeing it white is not an option. Selecting only recycled plastic that would result in a white case is also too cost-prohibitive.

Since the 2009 holiday season, Ubisoft has also been utilizing “Enviroshell” cases that use 30% less plastic than normal cases.

Kubiszewski indicated that the company is still looking for additional ways to go green, “We are also looking into other materials, such as corn- or potato-based. The technology isn't quite there yet, the hinges are a little flimsy, but we keep pushing these kind of initiatives.


Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

Step 1: Do away with reasons/ability to play ubisoft games thanks to shitty DRM

Step 2: Do away with manuals

Step 3: Do away with boxes

Step 4: Ubisoft realises they no longer have a business and starts requesting donations

Step 5: Ubisoft goes bankrupt


We're almost there, don't give up hope!

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

They fail ot mention hwo much it'll save THEM to not print manuals, which leads me to beleive there will be absolutely no price reduction.

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

"The same cases cannot be used for console games however, because the recycled plastic emerges black or gray, and dyeing it white is not an option."

Yeah, Heaven forbid that console game boxes would be black or grey, just to save the planet. I mean that would be madness!

I'm all for game companies going green, and I'm even willing to wave goodbye to the paper manuals that I so loved, but this sort of half-assed craziness drives me nuts.

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

I could get behind this move for digital manuals. Now if Ubisoft can get rid of there crappy DRM. 






Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

Ubisoft should be applauded for their environmental efforts. No developer in recent history has done more to help reduce the wastage involved in sales, and the energy used to run their games.

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

Yes, if only every company could introduce anticonsumer polices that result in people not buying or playing their games, we could really cut down the need to power servers and manufacturer game disks or PC hardware needed to play those games.

E. Zachary Knight
Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

Speaking of server costs, Ubisoft's Disconnection at Random Moments system requires permanent and constant communication with the Ubiservers. Right?

So if one million people are playing a PC Ubisoft game right now, their server farm is constantly streaming information to and from one million computers across the internet for no significant reason. I wonder how much the cost of all that looks compared to their promised reduction in packaging.

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

Well, if the public statements they have made in regards to bandwidth used by the authentication is to be believed, it is probably marginal. A dedicated server from GoDaddy is only $90 a month.

If they are using a single server with 1 Gbps badwidth and their games' authentication calls only use 56 Kbps then each server can handle the calls of over 18 million gamers. (this is not scientific just rough estimates).

But we have already been shown that their servers cannot handle anything close to that.

E. Zachary Knight
Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

agreed, thank you for saying so.

Although it's a step in the right direction, i cant help point out the irony that people will now spend more time in the game, reading the manual, burning electricity that probably came from coal.....

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

Well, considering the amount of questions on your average game forum that could be answered with "RTFM!", I don't think enough people read the manuals anyway.

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

"Although it's a step in the right direction, i cant help point out the irony that people will now spend more time in the game, reading the manual, burning electricity that probably came from coal....."

Well, they could always print out the manual... oh hang one, erm... yeah, you have a point.

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

There's also the question of where they will put the installation instructions, setup details (on consoles these seem to be standardised and mandatory), and the troubleshooting info describing how to call up and use the interactive manual.

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

Here's an easier plan: Stop making PC games

We don't want your DRM-laden shit

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

Oh how nice..no manaul and no price drop......

Until lobbying is a hanging offense I choose anarchy! CP/IP laws should not effect the daily life of common people! http://zippydsmlee.wordpress.com/

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.



Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

plus over-the-top DRM that won't let you play the game you bought.

Fuck Ubi and their green ass.

Re: Ubisoft Continues Green Gaming Push

That's all part of their plan, you see?  Bigger, badder, more draconian DRM = fewer sales = less plastic used = green!

Also, paper is made from trees grown specifically to make paper from.  It's not like they're saving 2300 acres of old growth rainforest here.  If anything, we should all waste more paper because it represents carbon dioxide pulled from the atmosphere and made into other carbon compounds.

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