Capcom PSN Title Features Unbilled DRM

While Ubisoft has been the poster-boy for DRM as of late, Capcom apparently introduced a variation of the technology in its release of Final Fight: Double Impact through the PlayStation Network.

Kotaku reports that the game requires a constant connection to PSN in order to play, and, if the console’s Internet connection is lost, the game exits entirely. An affected gamer on the IGN boards wrote to Capcom about the issue and received this response, purportedly from a Capcom representative:

Yes, there is DRM. This was employed to combat the rampant "PSN Sharing" that has been going on over the last year. We’re sorry that your family cannot play the game on their individual accounts (same console). This is a limitation of the Sony network. We are not committed to do this with all titles moving forward but the only way to evaluate impact was to try it with one title first.

Kotaku also reports that the publisher apologized "for the issues consumers are having,” and would look into ensuring that notice of the game’s DRM is included in the description of the title posted on the PlayStation Store (which currently contains no reference to DRM).

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    killatia says:

    Your not hearing anyone from the 360 side complaining about this kind of DRM on there version of Final Fight. Thats because the 360 has its own DRM system where the DLC game is tied into your gamer tag. This means as long as you logged into your profile on your 360, weither your online or OFFLINE, you can play the DLC game anytime you want.

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    Doom90885 says:

    I been saying for a long time that anyone who thought DRM would be a PC exclusive nuisance is fooling themselves. Sooner or later companies would try the same BS on consoles and it looks like they’re choosing sooner than later.


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    Thad says:

    "We’re sorry that your family cannot play the game on their individual accounts (same console)."

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

    "This is a limitation of the Sony network."

    Blaming somebody else?  Classy.  Don’t see how that absolves Capcom of the blame, seeing as they developed their DRM knowing about that limitation.

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    foolkiller79 says:

    Had I been made aware of this in advance I wouldn’t have purchased this.  I expect to be able to play my games even when my connection isn’t working.

    And that is why this line from their response irks me: "the only way to evaluate impact was to try it with one title first."  Since they didn’t inform me that it was there I didn’t know to tell them I wouldn’t buy a game with DRM like that by not buying it.  Their evaluation process is broken.  I just won’t buy any further Capcom titles on the PSN.


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    hellfire7885 says:

    Great, fucking great, another game where you could lose hours of progress because your router had a hiccup, or heaven forbid the power goes out for your ISP.

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    Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    One thing I would like about this is that Mike Haggar makes a stand against DRM, like thos funny campain adds promoting this game.

    I can see at least a 40% of the people planning to buy this game are now hiding their wallets.

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