Yin/Yang: Good Points of R4 Carts

Nintendo has stepped up its crackdown on R4 flashcarts as of late, with its latest lawsuit target being NXPGame of Queens, New York.

While the R4 chips can certainly be used to play pirated games on Nintendo’s handhelds, a post on Tiny Cartridge.com points out some of the ways that the flashcarts can improve a gamer’s experience.

Among them:

  • Homemade games and applications
  • Homebrew media player Moonshell is arguably a MUCH better music application than the DSi’s built-in player
  • Play videos, view images, and display text tiles
  • Customize and create your own top-level menu interface
  • For non-DSi owners, you can adjust the brightness and soft-reset without restarting your system

The author does go out of his way to state that he does not endorse piracy and that he understands “why Nintendo dismisses them as illegal game copiers and wants to erase them from the market.”
He continues:

I’m arguing that flashcarts offer value beyond playing illegal copies of games. I just wish there was a way for these devices to exist and provide these features, without stingy gamers abusing them for piracy and cutting studios off from their hard-earned paychecks.

Additional benefits that flashcards can supply include: “Store several back-up files on a single flashcart, so you don’t need to carry multiple carts with you, apply translation patches to games you’ve imported but don’t understand, copy save files to your PC, play GBA games on a DSi or DSi XL and apply codes or hacks, like this rad cheat that lets you play Mario Kart DS with a Taito paddle.

Image from this bizarre video. Thanks Andrew!

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