Linda McMahon: Videogame Character

It’s hard to be a candidate who is a part of an industry that makes its money off of gratuitous violence. Linda McMahon, like California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has made millions off of an industry that has no problems with using sex, violence and adult themes to sell its image. But the Connecticut senatorial candidate running in the Republican primary shares another distinction with the Governator: she’s a playable video game character, as the video in this story shows.

In arguably one of the best wrestling video games ever made — WWF No Mercy — Linda, complete her husband’s "Mac Stunner" finisher, is an unlockable, playable character. Linda is also part of a storyline involving her daughter Stephanie McMahon and real life husband Hunter Herst Helmsely. In the segment, which starts at the 4:10 mark and ends at the 5:29 mark, Linda enters the ring, makes a ruling on a world championship match against wrestler Kennedy and then gives both her daughter and Triple H a "Mac Stunner" after her daughter attempts to slap her across the face.

This is a retelling of a storyline that played out on the WWE’s Monday Night RAW program many years ago, and it is not the only videogame she has appeared in over the years. Of course, being in a videogame is the least of Linda’s problems given the nature of the wrestling business that she ran for 12 years and the multitude of controversies she is connected to.

As an example, read this editorial written by Chris Benoit’s father (Michael Benoit) in today’s edition of The Hartford Courant. Chris Benoit was the WWE wrestler that killed his wife and child before hanging himself in 2007.

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