Irish Eyes Not Smiling Over Red Dead Redemption Character

The Irish aren’t too happy about the name of a town drunk in the just-released Red Dead Redemption.

An article on the Herald website notes that “The stereotype of the drunken Paddy will again be taken advantage of, as the game’s town drunk is called "Irish". A description of the character, which the Herald took from a “popular gaming forum”, describes Irish as “the town drunk. Usually found stumbling around and getting into trouble with sober townsfolk while attempting to talk his way out".

Rockstar itself painted the character as “A teller of tall tales, who’ll try to talk his way out of anything.” Another piece of character artwork offered has Irish, while brandishing a liquor bottle, stating, “I was real drunk. You know how it is.”

The headline of the Herald article cries, “Irish ‘drunk’ sours launch of hit game,” though to the author’s credit, he didn’t let his opinion of the Irish character sour his favorable overview of the game.

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  1. Bennett Beeny says:

    Well, the fact is, the Irish do drink a lot compared to folks in other countries. There’s a culture of acceptance of alcohol in Ireland, just as there is in England, Scotland and Germany. When that happens, you’re going to get stereotyped by people from countries where that isn’t the case. Besides, one drunk guy in a game no more labels all Irish people as drunkards than does my friend (who is of Irish descent and who drinks like a fish. Now if the game came out and said that all Irish folks were drunkards, the Herald’s accusation might have some merit.

    Besides, something makes me suspect that The Herald might be the Irish version of England’s The Sun. If that’s the case, the story probably has more to do with The Herald needing to drum up outrage in order to sell papers than it has to do with the merit of the story.

  2. sharpshooterbabe says:

    Truth hurts. My family history is from Irish decent as well. I’m not offended by it. I think it’s funny. Can’t wait to play the game.



    "It’s better to be hated for who you are, then be loved for who you are not." – Montgomery Gentry

  3. Sai says:

     There’s also a shopkeep who earnestly tells me he doesn’t sell foreign or Jewish goods. As a period piece I’d say it’s pretty damn accurate about the attitudes of the day.

  4. GoodRobotUs says:

    Heh, the Irish Media might get annoyed, but most Irish people probably couldn’t give a shit.

  5. gellymatos says:

    Hm, an Irish Drunk who sells arms (sells gatling gun to main character at one point). No problem here. :p


    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." -Albert Einstein

  6. Dan says:

    An as Irishman, I’m cool with it. I’m a dual citizen currently at school in the States, so I get a fair amount of drunken Irishman jokes. Although many of my fellow college students fit the bill better than I ever have.

    Also, I don’t remember hearing about Tavish DeGroot (aka. Demoman) offending Scotsmen, Black men or one-eyed men.

  7. Longjocks says:

    Yup, most Irish people I’ve met are happy to take the piss out of themselves. It’s the same with most of us Australians and we kinda share a lot in common with the Irish sense of humour and attitude (we also have a similar reputation with alcohol). We have the fortitude to take jabs and laugh WITH the jokes. "That’s a funny name. I’d have called it a ‘Shazwazza’."

  8. Fedule mk II says:

    I have lived in Ireland for three and a half years (disclosure: I’m English). I have yet to meet a single person who finds any stereotype or even caricature of the Irish to be anything other than hilarious. Seriously, as a people, these guys enjoy taking the piss out of themselves more than taking the piss out of others. It’s quite admirable! So, yeah, this sounds like a lotta bullshit.

    Also… the Herald. Lulz.

  9. Anto103 says:

    I’m 100% pure Irish born and bred, and I will more than likely approve of this character, as long as his accent isn’t one of those shite American versions such as the one in Sabatour.


    _ _ Pops… If you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change. The devil changes you.

  10. doewnskitty says:

    I’m Irish, and I’m disappointed that people find that upsetting or offensive.

    For chrissakes, the word for "whiskey" in Gaelic translates roughly to "water of life."

    Saying that the Irish have a few known as drunks is like saying the ocean is known to be wet.

  11. PHOENIXZERO says:

    I have Irish roots also and a drunk that happens to be Irish loving to drink, especially 100+ years ago is more of a fact of life than a stereotype. Hell, even today Ireland as a whole is the number one alcohol consuming country in Europe. <_< They had to do something with all those fermented potatoes and skins. Now, if he was also a insanely strict crazy Cathlolic……..

  12. ddrfr33k says:

    One of my co-workers is Irish.  He told me this joke, "Two Irish guys walked out of a bar.  It could happen."  He was very quick to poke fun at himself.  These people making the fuss need to grow a pair.  And yes, thank you for approving of the stereotype Mr. McKenna.

  13. Chris Kimberley says:

    Counting gets hard once you start seeing double?




    Chris Kimberley

  14. Thomas McKenna says:

    I’m of Irish descent and I approve of this stereotype.  50% of my family are drunks.

    Well….maybe not 50%, but there are quite a few of them.

  15. Kojiro says:

    My freind’s Irish uncle died of alcoholism.  So yeah.  They’re all drunks.  lol

  16. Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    Funny. I was remembering an irish drunk appearing on an episode of Adult Swim´s Sealab 2021 this morning.

    It looks like they have never seen a Family Guy or The Simpsons episode before.

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