GameLoft’s Questionable Android Store Policy

Droid owners may want to be careful what they buy from GameLoft. According to a story in Phandroid, GameLoft has a very strict purchasing policy that only allows you a one-time purchase.

David Loft (described by Phandroid as a "regular tipster") recently contacted GameLoft about its DRM policy after the company launched a new selection of Android games. He received this rather disconcerting response from the company:


About the handset, our policy is:

according to our refund policy, once the game is successfully installed, we cannot resend it for any reason, unless you buy it again. One purchase entitles you to one download of the game to one phone number and on one phone model only. If you delete or otherwise remove the game from your phone, or change your handset, you will have to buy it again.

About updates, I’m sorry, I have no information.

Please, visit our site and forum to get the latest info.

Best regards, and please let us know if you have any doubt.

What that means is that if anything should happen to your phone like theft or loss of data, you will lose whatever GameLoft titles you purchased and will not have access to a back-up copy. There is some confusion as to whether or not this only applies to games bought in GameLoft’s new Android store or if this is simply a companywide policy on all Android games..

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