Unplugged: Game Addiction Book in Stores

Ryan G. Van Cleave’s new book about his battle with game addiction is in stores today. The book is called "Unplugged: My Journey Into The Dark World Of Video Game Addiction," and it details what the author calls a battle with "very serious addiction" to playing videogames. His level of addiction? He claims he spent 50 hours a week playing videogames which led to self-imposed alienation from friends and family, job loss, and bad health.

A press release this morning in support of the book offers a particularly hard to belive quote on what he experienced when he gave gaming up:

Though Van Cleave went cold turkey himself, experiencing weeks of fevers, chills, and uncontrollable shaking, he doesn’t recommend that for others.

Instead, he says moving gaming consoles to an area where the player can be monitored is the first step to recovery.

Comparing a video game addiction to symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal (delirium tremens, or DT’s) seems a bit disingenuous to me.. You might also want to check out Van Cleave’s 2006 book "The Magical Breasts of Britney Spears" while you’re at it. Find both on Amazon.com.

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