Report: $41.5 billion Lost to Handheld Game Piracy Worldwide

According to a study conducted by Tokyo University’s Baba Lab for the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association (CESA) video game piracy for portable consoles (Nintendo DS and PSP) cost the gaming industry at least ¥3.816 trillion ($41.5 billion) worldwide between 2004 and 2009. Piracy in Japan alone accounted for ¥954 billion ($10.4 billion) of that amount, according to the study.

Using 114 piracy sites, researchers checked the download counts for the top 20 Japanese handheld games over a five year period – 2004 to 2009. After tabulating those figures, researchers multiplied that amount by four – under the assumption that the Japanese market makes up 25 percent of the market – to come up with a worldwide figure. The study did not take into account other methods of trading files like peer-to-peer sharing..

The study also found that the United States had the most servers hosting piracy sites, while China came in second. China and the U.S. made up 60 percent of the total amount of servers hosting piracy sites, according to the research. Finally, the United States was number one in the number of accesses to piracy sites, followed by Japan and then China third. We do so enjoy being number one.

Source: Andriasang via Gamasutra

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