Left Behind Details Upcoming Games

Christian game developer Left Behind Games has released details on its lineup of PC titles for the rest of the year, including a pair of games that will pit users against the forces of the Antichrist.

Left Behind Tribulation Forces – Due out June 28, this strategy title will have players take on the Antichrist’s minions across “two battlefronts – physical and spiritual.”  The latter willd feature, "warfare using the power of prayer and worship as more powerful weapons than guns.” Rated “T” (Teen), the game will also have online play and the ability to control an all new faction, the American Militia Forces!

Left Behind 3 Rise of the Antichrist – Aimed at players 13 and up, this entry in the Left Behind series is set in a future New York City. The strategy game centers on the “ultimate fight of Good versus Evil,” with battles between the Tribulation Forces, Global Community Peacekeepers and the American Militia. Due out on October 1 and also features the aforementioned ability to fight using the power of prayer.

Praise Champion – This karaoke game will come with a USB microphone ($29.99 for the package) and allow players to sing along to “40 awesome Christian songs.” Will support up to four players.

King Solomon’s Funny Bible Trivia – To be released on October 15, this PC game promises appropriate humor for the entire family in a game show atmosphere as up to three people attempt to correctly answer Bible-based trivia.

Left Behind previously stated that it planned to expand upon a successful pilot program with Wal-Mart, which saw select Texas-based stores carry the Christian-themed games. The program is expected to expand to Wal-Mart locations in additional unspecified regions.

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    Arell says:

    Lol, yeah, that’s what I was thinking.  I don’t really have a problem with religious Right-wingers having video games that appeal to them.  But it’s a little sad that they’ll buy these crappy games just because they’re religious in nature.  Left Behind games (at least the first two) play teffibly, they’re not fun.  But like those fools who drive 200 miles out of their way to go look at a grilled cheeze sandwitch with Jesus burned into the side, it somehow makes them feel more in touch with their faith. 

  2. 0
    questionmark1987 says:

    While I fully support their right to make these games, I cringe and wonder why anyone would want to influct these games on someone else.

  3. 0
    Bennett Beeny says:

    Wow! Two games, two oxymorons: "awesome Christian songs" and "funny Bible trivia".

    Yeah, I’ll be knocking down Gamestop’s doors for these two. The other two look like real winners too.Can I play as the Global Community Peacekeepers (who I expect are supposed to be the bad guys) and kick both Christian and Hellspawn ass? I’d like to see the Christians use the power of prayer against, let’s say, a thermo-nuclear device. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the power of prayer will somehow work in the game, unlike in reality where the Christians would be (literally) toast.

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