Father’s Day Achievement: Insane and Detained

Unlocked! What do you do when you are playing videogames and your girlfriend’s son rudely slams the door on you? Threaten him with a weapon.

What do you do if your boyfriend is being hauled away by the cops on Father’s Day for threatening your son with said weapon? Spit in the face of the police officers, be combative and go with your boyfriend to jail.

This is just what happened when Vernon Connecticut police showed up in response to a 911 call. Here’s more from an AP story:

Connecticut authorities said a 54-year-old man and his girlfriend were arrested after a dispute over a noisy video game erupted into a Father’s Day struggle with police officers. Vernon police say the man, George Stein, was playing video games Sunday night when a child annoyed by the noise shut the door to the room Stein was in.

Apparently Stein ascribes to "spare the rod, spoil the child" or some other doctrine that involves using objects to beat children with. The mother is no prize either. She suddenly became unhinged as the police slapped the handcuffs on her boyfriend. According to police, "42-year-old April Devaux became combative with officers, refused to let go of a front porch post and spat in an officer’s face."

Devaux was charged with assault on a police officer and other undisclosed crimes, while Stein was charged with threatening. Both posted bail. You know a kid doesn’t think you are his dad when he has you locked up.

Source: AP (achievement generated using JUSTACHIEVEIT.COM)

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