Moronic Story Ties Accidental Shooter to Videogames

A man in Wales who accidentally shot a city worker with a .22 caliber rifle was a videogame player, so of course that had to be mentioned in a story about the incident on a South Wales website.

23-year old Ersid Cela of Clas y Bedw, Waunarlwydd, allegedly bought a BSA air rifle “for £200 from a drug dealer in Mumbles after playing the Call of Duty computer game, in which players shoot each other with a range of automatic weapons.”

Cela was additionally described as a “fan of a violent computer game.”

Thank goodness he didn’t buy the gun before playing Call of Duty or there would be no story.

In any case, Cela was attempting to load the gun when it went off, hitting worker Jason Crocker in the shoulder as he worked out side Cela’s home. A second shot hit Crocker’s van as well. How the gun went off “accidentally” a second time was not disclosed.

Cela will be held in custody until he is sentenced on July 26.

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