Sega Skips gamescom

If you were headed to Cologne, Germany to see Sega at gamescom this year, then you’ll be sad to hear that the company has decided not to attend Europe’s biggest trade show. Sega said in a brief statement today that the decision to skip this year’s show was purely financial. Today’s announcement confirms rumors that surfaced last night about the company not attending.

“gamescom 2009 was a very successful show for us and continues to be the most important European event in the calendar. The decision not to show at this year’s event was not down to the location of Cologne and will not mean that Sega will never attend gamescom in the future, but simply a commercial decision made for 2010.”

Sega would have shown games like Sonic 4, Valkyria Chronicles II, Vanquish, Shogun 2: Total War and more. Maybe next year Europe. gamescom takes place between August 18-22.

Source: VG247

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Really?  Maybe you missed it, but Sony’s hardware department FINALLY breaks even on PS3’s.  The Move is going to be in the red for god knows how long.  Their software releases don’t make a lot of money – so little, in fact, that it’s a somewhat common misconception that Sony doesn’t even release software.

    Sega releases hit after hit.  Even their sucky games sell millions of copies, because it’s a Sega game.  Sony will never have that type of loyalty.

    With the first link, the chain is forged.

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    SimonBob says:

    The article lead has an error in it.  Should read: "If you were headed to Cologne, Germany to see Sega at gamescom this year, you are sad."

    In fact that should probably have been the whole article.  Is there anyone out there who’s really super-excited about Sonic Colors?


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    jedidethfreak says:

    Sony’s gaming divisions – hardware AND software – will die off LOOOOOOOOONG before Sega bites it.

    With the first link, the chain is forged.

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