Arkadium Prez: Bad Timing for Release of Red Dead Murder Stats

Jessica Rovello, Co-Founder and President of the casual/social/advergame firm Arkadium, has authored an opinion piece on the Huffington Post that cross references a CNBC piece from earlier this week (in which game executives fretted over the Schwarzenegger v. EMA SCOTUS ruling) with new statistics just released from Rockstar’s hit Red Dead Redemption.

Writing that “Since a significant portion of the industry’s best selling triple A console titles are loaded with violence, it [a Supreme Court ruling for the California law] could mean a huge drop in profits for major game publishers,” Rovello noted that Rockstar had just released news that players had murdered over 132 million people in Red Dead Redemption over the first two weeks of its release.

The timing of the release of the stats gave Rovello pause. She wrote:

That equates to 109 kills per second. While these two issues aren’t the same, the timing is pretty uncanny. Knowing that the industry is facing government scrutiny for violence may not be the best time to issue a story that boasts the statistic "15,072,596 Human Executions — 15,000 times the number carried out in Southern States since the reinstatement of capital punishment in 1975."

While the Arkadium President declined to wade into the waters of equating in-game violence with real world actions, she noted that “propagating violence through entertainment hasn’t been a problem until recently for the governor of California.”

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