Kids Who Play Sports Games Likely to Play Sports in Real Life

UK game industry group TIGA was more than happy to share research which indicated that children who play sports-themed videogames were likely to participate in real sporting activities as well.

French business school ESSEC had students in its International Sports Marketing Chair conduct the study and found that 38 percent of boys, under the age of 21, who played sport videogames practiced their favorite virtual sport in real life. Additionally, the study claimed that 75 percent of gamers (presumably from the same age group) actively took part in some kind of real sport.

“Video games are frequently demonized,” said ESSEC’s Thierry Lardinoit adding, “We now know that these fears are unfounded.”

Lardinoit continued, “There is a strong correlation between playing video games and participating in real sports. Watching television is a threat to physical activity.  Video games are not, however.”

TIGA Chief Richard Wilson played up the positive side effects of games, saying, “The ESSEC’s findings that playing sports video games can increase the likelihood of playing the sport in real life is a case in point.”

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